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Daily Archives: July 24, 2011

My sweet hubby’s birthday was today. He wanted to go to his favorite restaurant to eat. But, since he’s a wonderful Daddy, he decided to celebrate his birthday somewhere else.

Somewhere with horses….



And a mini roller coaster….

And air hockey….

It takes a good man to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday and then give all of the tickets he won at Sea Wolf to his daughters so they can get plastic rings and bracelets and little boxes of Nerds.

Happy birthday, Raylo!

(P.S. In writing this I tried to find a pic of Ray Ray that isn’t from graduation. There were a few that Beanie took that were less than flattering. There were some that were fuzzy. There were some from Christmas morning where he was fuzzy. In short, I have realized that I don’t take enough pics of my sweet hubby. So, Ray¬≤, be warned…. I’ll be following you around for the next few days with the camera. You can tell people I’m your paparazzi.)


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