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Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

I love me some thrifting.

It’s part hunting trip, part bargain bonanza…. you walk into a thrift store and start looking past the racks of old t-shirts and stacks of bric-a-brac to find something fabulous.

Two weeks ago, for only two bucks, I found one of these:

And it was still in the box with shrink wrap on it! (Something about a used chia pet is kind of icky to me….) So, I grabbed it. The girls have been fascinated with plants & growing things lately. Now we could grow a fabulous Chia Scooby!

Instead, we got Chia Scabies:

I know, I know… this will haunt your dreams for weeks.

While taking photos, I discovered a spot of mold. I promptly washed all the chia plants off and have other plans for the Scooby head. I can guarantee one thing: I don’t think I’ll ever let preschoolers help me plant this thing again. The results are too terrifying.


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