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Daily Archives: July 7, 2011

Well, HELLO there from me, JUDY MacJUDGERSON!!! It has been SO LONG since I’ve popped over to “mab’s” blog for a little GUEST POST! (I figured she would have CHANGED her PASSWORDS by now so I couldn’t GET IN, but since she didn’t, I guess she DOESN’T MIND my teency little “intrusions”!!!)

I simply have the BEST NEWS! Although my husband doesn’t have a DEGREE in the LAW, the city council here says he is just a BORN JUDGE! So, we have MOVED to the same city as “mab” and “Raylo” (and why she INSISTS on calling her husband that RIDICULOUS name, I still don’t know!) where my husband is now JUDGE Justice J. MacJudgerson!!!!!! But, there is BETTER NEWS! The house RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET was available and we have MOVED IN!

All of the time we lived near each other in NOLA, I never saw “mab” cry. But, she JUST COULDN’T hold back the TEARS when she saw me get out of the moving van! It was QUITE TOUCHING to see her body shake with SOBS — of JOY!

We have been here 3 weeks and although our home is QUITE a bit LARGER than “mab’s,” I already have EVERYTHING in ORDER!!! It makes for a much more PEACEFUL environment, you know. Unlike their home which is still STREWN with boxes and TOYS! This does seem like a LOVELY city, although I will have to speak to Mr. MacJudgerson’s City Council friends about one thing: ZUMBA in the LIBRARY!!!!

The other night I had dropped by the library to check out a BOOK on 16th century child DISCIPLINE methods and heard a TERRIBLE NOISE coming from the main meeting room. Knowing that the library should be a QUIET place, I immediately MARCHED OVER to SHUSH the offending parties. Imagine my SHOCK when I discovered a LIBRARY-SANCTIONED ZUMBA CLASS (!!!!!) in progress! There they were with their LATIN BEATS and (excuse my language!) BOOTIE SHAKING where other people were trying to read books on CULTURE and PERSONAL EDIFICATION!

Then, imagine my surprise to see men and women TOGETHER in this inappropriate class! And some of these women were OLD  ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER!!! One elderly woman in elastic-waist pants was SHAKING HER HIPS with the rest of them!

However, I was simply KNOCKED OFF MY FEET to see “mab” in the class as well!!!! The wife of a CHRISTIAN counselor should know BETTER than to exercise in PUBLIC — let alone to those SINFUL drumming beats!!!! I can see that I have arrived JUST IN TIME. Perhaps my influence will help her to be a BETTER person, at least just a TEENCY BIT!!!!

Well, I must go to read my books that I found. In our family, we do not WASTE our time or our MINDS watching TELEVISION, or listening to MUSIC. We read only non-fiction  books that will EDIFY us and MAKE US BETTER here in our family. That is one reason our children are COMPLETELY PROBLEM and PERSONALITY-FREE!!!!!

Until next time…..!!! Ta-Ta!!!!!



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