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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Eleven years.

In the moving chaos I neglected to brag on Raylo for finishing up his second masters degree. This was a lot tougher this go-round. Last time I was his wealthy teacher sugar-mama. This time he managed to get uh-ma-zing grades while taking a full load (and sometimes more) plus working about 15 hours a week as a counseling intern & another 20 – 25 hours a week as a hospice chaplain. But, he never neglected the family. Neglected sleep? You bet. But never us. You can tell in the picture above how much Beanie loves loves loves her Daddy. Peanut is pretty fond of him, too. Me? I’m proud enough to bust my buttons.

When he got back from the graduation ceremony, he was still in his robes. A neighbor kid saw him and looked up in wonder. Raylo bent down and said “Look! I’m a wizard!”

Gosh, I love that guy.

We’ve now hit 11 years of marriage. I’ll be keeping him.

Happy anniversary, Raylo!


Bean will turn 4 on Sunday. When I was growing up, my fabulous Mama (Hi, Mama!) always made sure our birthdays lasted several days. So, this morning, we decided to start celebrating Bean’s birthday. Peanut keeps pointing at the Happy Bday banner & saying “Beewwwie Potty!” (Which actually means “Bean’s Party!”)

Wait….. didn’t we already do that?

Yes. I am that mom. I had Bean’s birthday party 6 weeks ago. Come on! I had to! I was not going to move my child to another state where she had no friends & 3 weeks after she arrived have her birthday with no one to come to the party. Nor was I going to Chick Fil A or Library Story time and hand out random birthday invitations. That would make me creepy mom. So, the last Saturday before graduation + moving chaos began we had her party. And, I explained over and over that she would have a little party with just the family when her real birthday came.

She’s lobbying for another big party.

But that’s not the point of this post. Here is the point: If you have toddlers DO NOT WASTE MONEY BUYING A CAKE. Instead, just get the cupcake papers and give them a big ol’ scoop of icing. Throw on some sprinkles and a princess ring and call it good. Oh, and the icing is better if it is bright pink, shocking purple, or blazing blue. (Which will be the color of their….um…. post party potty later. Just so you know.)

Today Bean took cupcakes to her summer Mother’s Day Out to share with her class. There were 2 left. Just right for 2 little girls after dinner.

First they ate all of the giant sprinkles off the top. Then, they went for the icing. It was textbook…. it’s the way they always do….

The cake is an afterthought.

“Wait….? You mean there’s CAKE under here?”

“I don’t believe you, Mama….. I’ll just stick with the icing…..”

So, for Peanut’s birthday in November, I’ll be buying a Tub O’ Icing from Sams or wherever and putting big scoops in cupcake liners and calling it good. I’ll keep the cake for the adults…


Check out the way she breaks it down at about 30 seconds in. She’s actually a little singing Diva. If you try to join her while singing Twinkle, Twinkle, she’ll put her hands on your mouth and say: “No, me do it!”

When I asked her about swimming, she said “Me fall down in the water!” We were at the pool and I looked up to tell Beanie not to run. I turned around 1.3 seconds later to see that our little chicken who never leaves the steps decided to just dive out in the water. Of course I pulled her up and she didn’t even have time to lose her breath or take in water. But, she was done with the pool after that. She’s talked about falling in the water and me catching her over and over today.

I hope you enjoy seeing my sweetie little Peanut! Oh, and now when someone asks her name, she nods her head and says “Peanut Pie.” (Well, real name + Pie, not Peanut….. ’cause that’s what I call her….)

Love this kid!

When we named Bean, we chose a name that wasn’t run of the mill. I wanted a name that was normal, but I didn’t want her to have 40 other classmates with the same name. Her name was listed as the 50th in popularity at the time and we only knew one other little girl with the same name. Therefore, her name would be normal, but original….

So…. today Bean went to her second week of Summer Mother’s Day Out. (Real Name: Summer Mamas Go to Hobby Lobby and Par-Tay Day) There are now 4 little girls in her class. Their names? Bean, Bean, Bean, and Sidney.

Oh, and the latest stats have her name in the top 10. So much for being original…..

When the moving truck arrived and started unloading our tremendous piles of crap, we realized that an extremely important, yet underappreciated part of our home was missing.

One. Couch. Leg.

The others were neatly wrapped up with the couch in shrink wrap. But, you can’t sit on a 3 legged couch. And, we have wood floors in the living room, so we couldn’t just set the couch on the floor. (The frame would have scratched the wood.) So, we did this:

Most rednecks have a car up on blocks in their yard. We had a couch on blocks. We are so high class.

I ordered a new set from Amazon because I forgot the Golden Rule of Lost Stuff: When you buy something to replace it, you’ll find it. We are now returning a set of couch legs to Amazon.

In other news, we got our high class swimming pool installed. The girls were excited to get their floaties out and use them in the pool.

Perhaps it’s time for either a larger pool or smaller floaties.

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