Well, HELLO there! I am “mab’s” neighbor, Judy MacJudgerson. I’ve been reading this QUAINT little blog for a few YEARS now and simply HAD to go and put my two cents in!!!! Since my WONDERFUL husband, Mr. MacJudgerson, has a bachelor’s degree in COMPUTER STUFF, it was rather SIMPLE to find my way into her BLOG and talk to all of you DIRECTLY.

Although I simply CAN NOT understand why she INSISTS on being called “mab” on this BLOG, I will respect that. I am a VERY respectful person who NEVER goes “over the line,” as people say!!!! However, I am QUITE SURE that if she would use her REAL NAME and write MORE RESPECTABLE posts and stop using THAT C WORD all the time, she might have more readers. On SEVERAL occasions I have SWEETLY suggested that she write about other TOPICS!! Some of my FAVORITES include the following:

1) Corporal punishment in preschools: Spare the ROD and make the child a future ILLITERATE GANGSTER!

2) Happy HOMEMAKING: Why only a woman whose kitchen is ALWAYS CLEAN is a real woman!!!

3) Television: ONLY beneficial for ROTTING a child’s brain and making him WORTHLESS!

I wouldn’t DREAM of suggesting that she write on PARENTING!!!!! While I DO NOT ALLOW anything but perfection in MY CHILDREN, “mab” tends to have a LOOSER interpretation of DISCIPLINE and PROPRIETY. (I have often seen “Bean” and “Peanut” wearing PANTS, playing in the DIRT, eating SUGARY foods, and even PAINTING!!!!!! OUTSIDE the LINES!!!!!!)

However, “mab” has only SMILED and said she needed to stick with TOPICS she agreed with or felt COMFORTABLE talking about.  (Can you BELIEVE her nerve??? To take my EXCELLENT suggestions and BRUSH THEM OFF?!?!) I should have KNOWN not to suggest number TWO to her. The only time her kitchen was CLEAN was the 30 SECONDS after she moved in!!!!

I suppose I could have just left a COMMENT, but I had SO MANY other things to say to you!!! HOWEVER, it is now 9:00 and that is PAST MY BED TIME. After all, everyone who is DECENT knows that NOTHING GOOD happens after 9:00 at night! Until I am ABLE to write again, I will bid you all ADIEU. And GOOD NIGHT — unless you are one of those PEOPLE who are NOT decent and are up to NOTHING GOOD. To all of the people in THAT category — I will PRAY for you.