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Daily Archives: July 18, 2011

Well, we’ve begun.

Here’s the plan: She desperately wants a big girl bed. The funny thing: She thinks if we just take the side off the crib and convert it to a daybed with a rail, then it is suddenly a big girl bed. Simple.

So, to get a big girl bed, she has to sleep 5 nights with no paci. I agreed with many of you who said we should ditch the paci before getting out of the crib. That way she can’t get out of bed to register her complaints. But, this time we didn’t do the snipping-off-the-ends thing. (You know… you cut off the end a bit and a few days later, cut it more, and then after a few more days they don’t want it any more.) We did that before and it just drug it out. This time, we talked to her about the big girl bed & told her that other babies needed pacis. She wanted to send them all to JayWay’s baby daughter. So, she gathered them up, put them in a baggie, and stuck them in an envelope. Then, we addressed the envelope. It said:

Baby M
who lives at Miss JayWay’s house
in Georgia

(She can’t read & doesn’t know what a real address looks like. As far as Peanut was concerned, these babus were on their way to Sweet Baby M in Georgia.)

After they went to bed, I tossed the envelope in the trash. (You’re welcome, JayWay.)

So, today, we took the fabulous MamaPthePonderer’s suggestion and went to Build-A-Bear. Bean got to do this when she got rid of pacis and stuck a paci in the leg of the bear. Now, a good Mama would have taken her camera to document the Big Girl Night I had with Peanut. But, I’m a slacker Mama. So, here’s a picture of her wearing Poppy’s glasses instead….

We went to Sonic to get her some Tawts. You may call them Tots, but according to Peanut, you’re not pronouncing it right. She wouldn’t even eat her hot dog. She just wanted Tawts and EmAid. (Lemonade) Then we went on to Build a Bear & she made a dachsund. (So, I guess that was the hot dog for the night.) She named it Cookie. She names everything Cookie. Then, we had an actual cookie at the food court, played at the indoor playground at our mall, and then came home. She loves loves loves Cookie & will tell everyone which foot her last babu is in.

Overall, I would recommend the cold turkey + bribery method of ditching a paci. It’s been much easier for us than last time. Then again, every kid is different. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions & advice! This has gone so much more smoothly than I ever thought it would. In fact, other than a few minutes of fussing at bedtime, it’s been rather easy.

Now I’ll leave you with the transcript of a Knock Knock Joke Peanut likes to tell.

Peanut: Knock Knock

mab: Who’s there?

Peanut: PEANUT PIE! Now you do it, Mama!

mab: Ok, Knock Knock

Peanut: Who’s there? MAMA BEAN!


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