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Daily Archives: July 9, 2011

We’ll do anything for free food. We’ll also do anything to not be bored. We already had plans to meet some people at Chick-fil-A on Friday — a.k.a. Cow Appreciation Day. So….

With my pink-obsessed girls, we did a little tweaking and Princess Cows were born! They’ve got cow spots, a cow headpiece, and each cow is wearing a tiara specially designed by Peanut or Bean.     

I added signs and, while digging out the yarn to tie the signs, was struck with inspiration:

Do you see it?

They’ve got tails!

The girls had a great time decorating their signs & dressing up. We got these pics before we got to the restaurant. I knew that once we were there, madness would ensue. I was right. But, we did get 2 free kids meals out of this little adventure.

But more importantly: We had FUN!


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