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Bravo to KarenD for trying the Strawberry-Watermelon-Diet-Dr Pepper she suggested….. And I find her facial responses to be hilarious! Plus, she has the cutest video sidekick I’ve ever seen. 🙂 But, I won’t be trying Ian’s suggestion any time soon….

For those of you wondering what a Waco Watusi is…. KarenD & I used to live in Waco & we would go to this place called JD’s. They had all kinds of mixed soda drinks. I guess they were trying to be a modern soda fountain or something. Anyway, they had this one thing called a Watusi. Now, if someone had told me what was in it before I tried it, I wouldn’t have tried it. But, I did and it was amazing. So, we’d make it at home all the time. Here’s the recipe for JD’s original Watusi:

The Watusi
crushed ice
Dr Pepper
grenadine or cherry syrup
vanilla extract
half & half

Fill a glass with crushed ice. Pour Dr Pepper in to the 3/4 line. Add a small bit of vanilla (maybe a teaspoon?), a nice splash of cherry, and then top off the glass with the half & half. This drink not only looks really cool in the glass, but it tastes fabulous!

So, KarenD came up with a way to get a similar flavor from Sonic: Order a Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper Blended Float. I tried it yesterday and I only have on thing to say: HOLLA! It was absolutely amazing. I loved it. I will get it again 100%.

Check out KarenD’s blog. She not only has 2 sweet & funny boys, but she also does lots of great crafting with them. I love to see what they work on together!


So, you know it’s time for mab to do laundry when the only decent thing she has left to wear out of the house is a skirt…

But, although I have been washing several loads every day for the past few days, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Where were all of these dirty clothes coming from? But today I figured it out. Peanut and Bean have learned where the cup towels and dish cloths are kept in the kitchen. If they want to wipe something up (even something imaginary), they get one out, take a brief and useless swipe at it, and then throw the towel into the laundry room. You would think that this means I have a very clean kitchen. Trust me: The few spills and spots they manage to actually get up pale in comparison to the wake of mess and debris that the girls leave behind them.

Bean also loves to pull out several wardrobe options. But, instead of putting up what she has decided not to wear, she throws them in with her clean clothes. This does not mean she puts them in the hamper. Oh, no. She just throws them in a pile in her toybox. Because apparently that’s where toys, dirty clothes, & clean clothes all go to hang out.

The clothes I have managed to wash (which somehow didn’t include a single pair of jeans, shorts, or capris for myself…???) are in baskets everywhere. I put away what I can, but it’s been such a week. And I was still so puzzled about all of my clothes… where were they?

Then, after dinner tonight, RayRay tried to put his hands in his pockets. He started looking closely at his shorts and pulling at the waistband. Then he looked at me with a puzzled look and said “Are these your shorts?” Yup. Mine. They had been put in his closet. And he wore them for about an hour before he noticed that he had on girl shorts.

All while I had to wear a stupid skirt because I could find nothing else.

The laundry is plotting against me…..

Last night we had the Mo family over for dinner. We ate shrimp & grits, tomatoes rockefeller (thanks, Laura! They were fabulous!), black-eyed peas, salad, bread, and strawberry shortcake cake. Then we all sat up until midnight talking and laughing. And by all, I mean me, Raylo, Bean, Peanut, MoMo, DaMo, and their daughter MeMo.

Needless to say, today is a tired and cranky day around our house. 🙂

So, while MoMo helped me draw the random winner of the $15 Sonic gift card, I didn’t have time to post it. We were too busy eating our weekly ration of butter in one sitting. But, without further ado…. Here’s the winning crazy Sonic drink that chose:

#44…. KarenD

Strawberry watermelon diet dr pepper

This may not seem too crazy to some of you, but I am getting positively queasy. See, the strawberry isn’t just flavoring… it’s chunky. And, I actually really really hate watermelon. So, I’m hoping this drinky doesn’t make me pukey. 🙂 But, I shall go forward with trying it out!

KarenD did promise to drink the same thing if she won. Karen, I’m holding you to this! Please duly report on your opinion of said beverage.

I did let MoMo pick the honorable mention. She chose the drink that she thought was most disgusting. It was Melanie Jones’s suggestion:

“Pineapple caramel vanilla diet dr pepper blended with nuts and whipped cream on top. Gotta be yummy… (The diet part to offset all the other yummy bits.)”

So, Melanie, you are honorable today. You don’t win anything, but you are honorable nonetheless.

Several of you suggested strangely yummy drinks. In the future, I will actually be trying the following:

Chocolate cherry diet coke (by Karen D) — but I’ll skip the diet part

Blended Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper WITH a cherry on top (by ErinP)

Blue-Coconut CREAM Slush (by Brooke H)

And the recreation of a beverage we all loved in Waco, the Watusi. You’d use dr pepper with cherry, vanilla, and cream (by Karen D — yes, you’ve gotta add the vanilla, too.)

Some of the others sounded good to MoMo and Beirut, but I’m so super picky that I won’t try them. I don’t drink root beer, I don’t like chunky pineapple or strawberry, I’m not much of a fan of lime….. wait? If I’m so dadgum picky about what I drink, then why did I volunteer to drink some strange concotion y’all came up with?

I guess I truly am sleep-deprived.

Now, off to the park to play with the kids & after that: I’ll face my strawberry watermelon diet dr pepper destiny.




Before you read this…..Remember to enter this week’s Sonic gift card giveaway! Have you done it? Good. Then read this……

The other day I was looking at my quilty blogs and I saw where some people were making a quilt of hobo signs. That lead me on a little wild goose chase to do some high-quality google research on said signs. (The most helpful site I found was here.)  Apparently, these were symbols that hobos would put around the railroads and towns to communicate with other hobos. For example, if a hobo saw this sign:

Then they knew they could get a good meal in exchange for work at that house.

But, if they saw this sign:

then they knew the man there had a gun and he was going to use it.

While I was reading this all-too-important-and-definitely-relevant-to-my-life-today research, Peanut was once again refusing to go to sleep and screaming her head off. It made me think that all of us parents need our own hobo signs. But I guess they’d be called mama signs.

So, if you saw this on a house…..

You’d know that the kid was refusing to go in the big kid potty and had peed everywhere.

And, if you saw this one…..

Well, that would tell you that there were three kids in the house and the smallest one was a biter. (Wouldn’t this be so helpful when you’re going to a new friend’s house for a play date? You could make sure your kids had their tetanus shots up to date before going in!)

This sign…..

means that the children are currently on a hunger strike and will only eat french fries and cookies.

But this sign…. it is the one most to be feared. The one that would make every person’s blood run cold….

This is the sign that the kid who lived in that house was spoiled rotten. And I don’t mean spoiled as in “has a million toys,” but more like “I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! GIMME A TOY! DO MY BIDDING! WHY ARE YOU NOT BOWING BEFORE ME?!?!” (Come on…. we’ve all met kids like that! You know it!) With this sign, you are warning off other mothers before they bring their own children into contact with The Spoiled One.

I know you are soooooo impressed with my computer arty skillz right now.

I’m going to start drawing various Mama Signs around town to let the other mothers know what’s going on. Sure, some people like the police might think it’s vandalism or graffiti, but I see it as a simple public service.

Of course, I’ll have to start with my own house. This will be the sign I’ll paint out there:

It means: Toddler refuses to sleep. Therefore, the entire household is sleep-deprived and very, very cranky.

****What sign would I have to put outside your door? Come on…. be honest!****

Yesterday I went to Sonic twice. First, to get myself a tasty treat. Since the kids were in the car, I got them one, too. Bean is incredibly easy. She always asks for “water with ICE in it.” She thinks this is as special as Peanut’s super-fancy lemonade slushies. To keep up this cheap illusion, I always say “Wow! You chose water with ICE in it! Does it taste yummy?”

We also got a slush for Raylo since he was watching the girls last night & letting me go to Zumba. I called as I was on the way home and he said the girls had kept him on his toes & he never got to eat. So, I went back to Sonic to get him a cheeseburger, fries, and a blended coke float.

You’ve had a blended float, right? If not, I highly recommend them. They take the ice cream & the coke (or root beer or whatever) and then run it through the milkshake machine. The result is basically a Coke milkshake. A Cokeshake. (Good name!)

But, as I was hollering my order into the little box, there was a breakdown in communication. The result: They gave me a Coke float with lemon flavoring in it. Grody! While they were very politely fixing my order, I started thinking about all of the drink combos Sonic has. They claim there are 398,929 combinations. (I’ll believe their math.) When I heard the lady in line behind me receive her Strawberry Pineapple Mello Yello, I was positive that some of these combos have to be pretty wacky. I guess I’m just too boring. I either get a Cherry Vanilla Coke, a Orange Vanilla Slush, or a Vanilla Dr. Pepper. (What’s with the Vanilla? I never realized that before….)

So, this is what I decided: I want to know the wackiest combo you can come up with. Go for gross, go for strangely delicious… whatever. I’ll randomly draw one of your answers on Friday. Then, I’ll drink whatever you have suggested. And (this is the happy part for you), I’ll send you a $15 gift card to Sonic.

Here’s my rules:

1) Don’t be ridiculous. Well, be a little ridiculous, but don’t say that I should order an Iced Tea Dr Pepper Cherry Mango Ice Cream Slush with Lemon Lime and Pickle Juice in an Apple Juice Box. Let’s limit it to a maximum of 6 ingredients. That’s one base (such as coke) and no more than 5 additional flavorings.

2) It has to be something that Sonic can actually make. Need help figuring it out? Here’s a list of what they’ve got. Don’t forget all of the flavorings they offer.

3) You can enter as many times as you’d like. I don’t mind. But, each entry has to be a different drink. Since one comment = one chance to win, you would be wise to put your drink suggestions into separate comments so you have more chances.

4) Offer open to U.S. residents only. I would love to send this internationally, but there are no Sonics internationally…. so there would be no point in you winning. My sincerest apologies to my legions of fans down in Brazil.

Now, get to thinking & creating! I’ll be crossing my fingers and reeeeeeeeaaaaaally hoping that the winner has picked something actually decent to drink. Winner to be announced on Friday! Drink to be consumed and reported upon Saturday!

Want more to read on this? Here’s a blog of someone who tries a different Sonic drink every day. Here’s an article from a Wall Street Journal blog explaining the math behind the number of drink combos. According to him, there’s actually 688,133. Yikesies!

Disclosure: The Sonic employees at the franchise near my house may know who I am because I frequent their location, but the Sonic corporation has no clue about me. This giveaway is done without their knowledge & with no compensation.

Remember these lamps…..?

I spray painted them with Krylon’s Avocado green and I loved them!


Then I started second-guessing myself.

Didn’t they need some type of texture? Antiquing? Extras? (And no, I didn’t take any pictures of those steps. Once again I had lost the camera. I found it, but now I’m just lazy.)

So, I spent about 2 hours adding white here and there and then wiping it off artfully. They looked great, but they were too pale.I let them sit a few days while I thought about it.

Then I decided they needed to be darker green. So, I bought more acrylic paint and made them darker. With dark brown antiquing. Once again, they sat a few days & once again I decided it was just not right. Too dark!

So, I dug out my paints and put a lighter green and light brown coat on top. It was almost there. Almost. But, as I was doing the brush on, rub in, wipe off thing, another color came through…. the perfect green! There it was! Had I hit the magic combination? I had discovered the perfect green! In fact, it looked just like this:

Yup. I had wiped too hard and scraped back to the original coat of paint. And I found that it was actually perfect just that way.

Guess what? I then spent an hour scraping off all of the acrylics that I could. And I’ll be putting on one final coat of Avocado spray paint to cover up all of my antiquing/texturing/crapturing mess. Then, several coats of clear glossy to make it shiny shine shine!

Memo to self for next time: Go with your gut! Or you’ll spend 3 extra weeks and hours of your time redoing redoing redoing before undoing.

But they’ll look great in the end! 🙂

(And I promise pics of the finished items!)


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