Ok, tonight I had REAL fried chicken.

The kind where you bite into the spicy-sweet, crispy skin and a burst of juicy chicken rises with the steam to meet your tastebuds. The kind of chicken that makes you want to jump on the table and dance….

This chicken is not at Willie Mae’s. It’s at Jacques-Imo’s. (Pronounced: zhack-UHmoe’s really quickly.)

Then, I traded a piece of my chicken for some of my friend’s Fried Roast Beef po-boy. My only response: Silence. Yes, folks, I was cowed into silence by the delectible deliciousness of a dressed roast beef po-boy that was then fried. I honestly can say no more. No words in no language but that of heaven can describe this experience. Only the gutteral noise “Ummmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmmm-mmmmmm!” can come close.

The website claims that their prices are reasonable. Ha-hah! This was the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten. Well, except for that really fancy place I went on my honeymoon. But, it was worth it. WORTH IT. The service was phenomenal. They treated us like high-rollers even though we only drank water and we split most of our meals. The atmosphere was fun, the music was great, the decor was crazy, and I loved it.

The next time the hub and I want a great night out, we will be saving our money for a few weeks and then going to Jaques-Imo’s. Everyone says they have the best food in town. I now agree. For one thing, I am positive that they have the best fried chicken in the world.

One more piece is in the fridge. I think it might be my midnight snack……