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Daily Archives: July 16, 2011

Well, for now, the Linka Dinka Doodle list is as good as it’s going to get.

At least until you tell me other stuff I should link to. Like your blog!

And if I linked to you and you’d like me to take it off, pretty please let me know in a pretty way in the comments below.

And if I didn’t link to you, but you know I read your blog and you aren’t sure why I didn’t link to you…. it’s because I assumed you didn’t want me to link to you. Or because I worked on this waaay too late at night and while I was watching TV and also checking blogs and, well, you know.

Lastly: Some peeps may be great with Facebook. Some peeps may even Twitter. Heck, even Raylo checks Twitter (what, what?)…. but I dig the blog. That’s my justification for having 9,000 blogs on my linky list.

P.S. I’m also an addict to my Google Reader. Do you use a blog reader? (Also called a feed reader, blog aggregator, RSS reader, or Happy Place To Read All My Blogs.) If so, let me know which one you use. Just because I’m curious.


Peanut is 2 1/2 and still sleeps in a crib. She has only climbed out of it twice and hurt herself both times. That was months & months ago. Since she is convinced that she can’t get out, she stays in until I come get her. Therefore, I have decided that she will sleep in a crib until she is 18.

Allright, allright! I’m (mostly) joking! *sigh*

So, the hubs & I started talking about moving her to a big girl bed. First, we’ll convert the crib to a toddler bed. Then, after we help her learn that she can’t go wandering around the house during nap time, we’ll get her a big girl bed.

All of this discussion about Peanut + beds + sleeping led me to one thought: BABUS.

If you read this post or this post from a while ago, you’ll know that Peanut is rather attached to her paci. She liked having one. When we tried to take it away and it didn’t work (long story… no fussing at me, please), she went from clicking the “like” button under PACI to an obsessed freak-o. In fact, on any given night, this is what she looks like when she’s getting ready to sleep:

A pile of pacis right by her. But, she doesn’t call them that. She calls them babus. Like Bah-Boos. I couldn’t figure that out for the longest time. Then, one day I was running a bubble bath. She pointed at the bubbles and hollered “Babus! babus!” She’s calling her paci a bubble. Since the silicon end looks a lot like a bubble, this strange moniker actually makes sense.

Once upon a time when Bean was a teeny, tiny, brand-new infant. We were at the doctor’s office and I saw a kid around Peanut’s age with one babu in his mouth and one in each hand. “I won’t EVER let my child do like THAT!” I said, channeling my inner Judy MacJudgerson. Yeah. So, as you can see and count in the pic above, Peanut won’t go to sleep with less than 5. She has to have one in her mouth and one or two in each hand. Then, there have to be more sprinkled around the bed.

Breaking her of this habit is going to be tough. And what she doesn’t know: It’s coming. Soon. Very soon. Not sure when, but I don’t think we should have a 17 year old who has to clutch handfulls of babus to go to sleep. Then again, it would probably keep her from dating. Boys don’t really dig girls who need a paci….

But I digress.

The Great (And Successful!!!) Babu Take-away of 2011 will be coming in the weeks ahead. Like someone preparing for a marathon, I am already undergoing training. This will take everything this family has got. And, we intend to win. Now, my only question: Ditch the babus before or after switching to a big girl bed?

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