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When you’ve got to get clothes for the kids & you have coupons that expire today & your toddler starts hollering, “NO NO! BYE BYE!” the minute you enter the store, what’s a girl to do?

Great moms would have a talk about appropriate behavior, provide their child with an organic wood toy free of poison paint or varnish, and all would be well.

A Good mom asks the cashier to keep her selections while she leaves with her screaming child and buys him cinammon-sugar pretzel bites.

Messy, messy pretzel bites.

That keep him quiet during the rest of the shopping trip.


And then a good mom takes her son to the bathroom, strips him down, washes him from head to toe, and puts some of his new clothes on him.

Y’all, I’m not going to feel guilty if I’m not a great mom. I’ll settle for good. Good is actually more than good enough. We listen to so many voices that tell us that our choices aren’t right. That instead of feeding my hungry and cranky child sugary pretzel bites, I should have had homemade broccoli-kale bites and that my child should have been content with that.

You know what I’m content with?



A blurry selfie of me and my little man on a brief hug-break at the mall playground.

These are the things that are good and wonderful.

So are the leftover pretzel bites that I’m about to put down.



A year and one day ago, Raylo & I still couldn’t agree on a name for our son. I had been dealing with lots of pre-term labor & spent most of my time sitting around. I didn’t think I’d make it anywhere near the scheduled c-section date. But, it was getting closer and we still didn’t have a name.

In the middle of the night, Peanut woke us up. After we settled her down & I took yet another pregnant-lady-middle-o-the-night-potty-break, Raylo looked at me and suggested a great option for Little Mister’s name. “I like it. Let’s go for it,” I said.

He must have overheard our conversation.

He must have heard it and said, “Well, I’ll finish this nap, but then I’m out of here. They’ve got a name for me, so I guess it’s time.” The next morning I woke up with real deal labor pains. By the evening, we had our sweet boy.

But, because he was early, he had some trouble breathing. So, he headed off to the NICU.


You’d never know it by the way he’s grown!


He’s been such a joy to us all! The girls play with him and fuss over him constantly. I was certain that his first words would be, “Back off!” But instead, it was “bye bye.” His next two words were their names.


Now he’s crawling and cruising & trying really hard to walk. I’m sure their affection for him will change when he is getting in their stuff!


And now, he’s one. One year of living and being loved. And what better way to celebrate than by eating a lot of cake?


In case you’re wondering if he liked it…?


Happy birthday, Little Mister!!!

We had a great visit with the GI specialist today. Contrary to what Dr. Google had me believe, Little Man doesn’t have esophageal ulcers. Instead, he has an immature small intestine. It doesn’t work effectively. This means that more is going in than is coming out. To paraphrase: Poop.


Until his small intestine matures more, we’ll have to help him move out what ChubChub takes in. So, we’ve got some meds, he’s going to be enjoying lots of lovely prunes, there’s probiotics going on, and my friend is going to teach me colon massage. To preemptively answer some questions: No. I am NOT available to massage anyone’s colon that I didn’t give birth to. And, no, you don’t rub inside the colon, it’s a way to rub his belly to promote poopage. Yes, poopage is the correct technical term.

After we got home, Peanut saw a fortune cookie Raylo had left from lunch. She opened it and I think the message inside sums up Little Man’s new goals for life….


Thanks to all who have prayed for us! I am grateful that it’s an issue we can deal with easily and that it’s something he will grow out of!

Some of y’all know that our Little Man has been having a really crappy time lately. I wanted to write here what’s going on because I think it’s the easiest way to tell the most people what’s going on.

Our sweet Little Man has reflux. Since Peanut introduced us to the world of constant spit up and back-arching painful screaming, we recognized it pretty quickly. But, he’s never spit up as much. (Non parents….. hang in there….. I have a point in discussing his spit up……) Instead, it stays in his esophagus & hurts twice as much.

He’s been on medication to control the acid & it’s worked pretty well for several months. But, the last two weeks have been different. He’s cried in tremendous pain and his back-arching has increased. He has these spells all through the day and night — which means that there is no sleep in the house. I knew something was wrong, so we went to the doc. He put him on a second reflux med — but it barely helped. Then, he added another med that prevents stomach spasms. It also makes him super sleepy, and I don’t like that. (Well, I like that at night because now he only wakes up twice instead of four or five times.)

The next step was an ultrasound of his kidneys & bladder. (There’s a family history of congenital kidney issues.) Those came up negative. I never have had such trouble figuring out what to pray before. I wanted to pray that the scan would show that nothing was wrong because I didn’t want anything to be wrong with his kidneys. But, if nothing was wrong with his kidneys, then that meant that something else was wrong that was causing such pain. So, should I pray that the scan showed nothing (meaning that we’d have to visit more doctors & look for another solution) or should I pray that the scan showed something (meaning that there was something wrong with his kidneys). It was a conundrum. I ended up just praying “God, please help & fix this. Thanks.”

But now I’m praying differently. Since his kidneys and bladder were fine, we’ve now been referred to a GI specialist. But, we can’t get in until late May. So, until then, I’ve got a baby in pain who can only sleep sitting up in his bouncy chair. To make room for this bouncy chair propped up in our bed and surrounded by pillows, Raylo has been regulated to the couch. No one gets much sleep. And, if my wonderful Mother In Law hadn’t been here, I don’t know how we would have made it this last week. (I’m planning on stealing the sparkplugs from her car so she can’t leave us….)

So, here’s the new prayer: I’m praying for either the children’s hospital in Memphis or in Little Rock to have an earlier appointment come available. Would you pray that with me? Also, any advice is welcome. (I personally think he’s got esophageal ulcers…. because a few Google searches have made me brilliant like that….) We’re already doing all of the typical reflux-control things and I’m nursing, so it’s not a formula issue. I’ve also significantly changed my diet (no caffeine, no milk) to help him. So, what else is there? I can do without sleep for awhile if it helps my sweet boy. Just as long as none of y’all expect me to communicate intelligently when you see me…..

Praying folks, please also pray for his comfort and for us to trust God in this. My tendency is to think of all of the horrible things that could maybe possibly be wrong. (Due to those Google searches, no doubt.)

I’ll update everyone when I can. Thanks.


During a tea party in Miss Peanut’s room, the following scene unfolded:

Peanut: Don’t drink the tea until I pray!

mab: Okay. Can your stuffed puppy have tea?

Peanut: Yes. He can. (She gives him a cup & saucer.)

mab: Do you want sugar?

Peanut: I get my own & you get your own. Now, pray! (bowing her head & folding her hands) Dear God, thank you for Woof Woof and Picklepants. Amen!”

So, lovely readers, if the dog is named Woof Woof then am I Picklepants?


Don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for babies in sunglasses!


I put this pic of Bean up on Facebook to show off the shirt she made for the 100th day of school. I should have put this up instead:


Peanut has the most accurate nickname because she’s a funny little nut. She demands to go sit in the long carpool line everyday to pick up her sis because she just can’t wait for her to come home. Once we are back, she demonstrates this love by antagonizing her and instigating trouble. But would you believe that about this precious one?


The biggest news is that Raylo just got back from a trip to Thailand. I want to write more about why he went in days to come. For now, I’ll tell you how grateful we all are that Mimi came to stay with us during his 10 day trip. I’ll also tell you how joyful we are that he is back. Goodness, I missed that guy!

So that’s all that’s been going on with us. How about you? What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?

Today the girls set up a tent in the living room while I watched tv & folded laundry and Little Mister played on the floor. I heard them whispering: “Don’t let her see us! We’re spies and we have to see what she’s doing!”

At that point Bean began dictating all of our actions while Peanut wrote them down.

“She’s folding a towel!”
“Little Mister is playing with his puppy toy!”
“Now she’s changing the tv channel!”
“And folding a blanket!”
“LM is laughing and sucking his paci!”

The excitement continued for quite some time.

Here’s the thing: Bean delegated the task of writing to the kid who can’t write all of the letters of the alphabet yet.

Instead, she filled several pages of paper with lines. Then Bean asked me to staple the pages into a book.

Tonight I walked by the kids’ shelves that we call the library. What book was included? Their book. It must be quite a thrilling read.

Who knew laundry, daytime reruns, and a baby playing could be so fascinating?

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