I am no fashion diva. Spend just an afternoon with me and my slouchy pants, untucked shirts, makeupless face, and hair thrown whichever way and you’ll know that I will never be an example of well-dressed style. I am ok with this. I find most fashion to be uncomfortable.

But I still love Project Runway.

It’s amazing to see people create something from nothing in just two days. Sometimes they use fabric. Sometimes they have to use plants, candy, paper, or some other crazy thing. It’s just nuts. The creative process fascinates me. This, plus all of the characters they find and it’s great tv. Don’t disturb me during Project Runway.

And a new season starts tomorrow! So, I already have my evening planned out. I will eat dinner, put Bean to bed, and be on the couch at 8 to watch my show. Don’t call me until after 9. If you do, I won’t answer.