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Daily Archives: July 21, 2008

The other day at the doctor’s clinic, I saw an escalator. Next to it was a large sign that read:

“Absolutely no wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches allowed on the escalator.”

Ok, I can see how someone with crutches would think they could hang with the slow-moving escalator and want to go that route versus the elevator. But, wheelchair? Walker? I mean, I wonder if some heartless person told his ailing auntie to just hop on the escalator with her walker. “Come on, Aunt Thelma! You’ll be ok! I’ll hold on to you if you fall.” Hmm… to me, it sounds like a ploy to advance the coming of an inheritance.

And wheelchairs on an escalator? Surely no one is that stupid. Surely. I hope. Otherwise our nation truly is doomed.


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