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Daily Archives: July 10, 2008

I ducked down a side alley, looking over my shoulder. I saw no sign of the hair cops, so I climbed the iron steps and arrived, huffing and puffing, at the secret third floor hair salon. $10 dollars and half an hour later, I am no longer shaggy. She did a good job. It’s almost to the original haircut I wanted when I lopped it all off.

Today was a Daddy-Daughter Day. So, I got to sleep in (until noon! Woo-hoo!), and then I worked on some crafty stuff around the house. After my haircut, I went to the mall. I had some gift cards to spend. I found a few little things, but nothing major. I mostly enjoyed walking around and people watching.

Last night someone told me that New Orleans is the people watching capital of the world. I believe him. There’s a huge variety of people here. This particular guy who told me this was rather interesting to watch. He was stinkin’ tall and bald. He had a soul patch. And, neither the hub or I are sure what his actual voice and accent sounds like. At one point, he talked like a New Yorker. Then, he was someone from the deep south. Then, he was a true Nawlin’s native. He was hilarious. And no, I don’t think he was mentally unstable. We met him at church and he also goes to school here. Then again, we’re pretty mentally unstable and we fit those particulars as well….. hmm…..

Tonight we went for dinner at our neighbor’s house. We had a good time. They have a daughter that is Beanie’s age and the mama is pregnant and due at the same time I am. They’re nice folks.

So, that’s it. Illegal haircut, trip shopping, strange bald guy, dinner at the neighbors — just a typical day.


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