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I’ve been working on a quilt for my bud Britty’s daughter Omie. (No, her real name is not Omie. ((No offense to anyone actually named Omie.)) But my kids mispronounced her name like that and we like it. And here on The mab Blab, you know that everyone gets a nickname. Everyone. Because that’s how I roll.) Omie’s grandmama had some fabric left over from a project and asked me to make a quilt from those prints. I ordered a few other fabrics to coordinate (because we didn’t have quite enough to make a good-sized quilt) and I’ve been working on the blocks this week. I think it’s going to turn out well! Here’s a shot of the fabrics:

Some of these were from my stash and I ended up tossing them out (the dots & the solid green) because I thought there were too many prints for the pattern I’m using. The blue on the left and the red on the right are actually tiny houndstooth prints. Here’s a fuzzy closeup of the red & pink one:

I’ll take some pics of the final project when it gets done.

I’m also finishing up the binding on a baby quilt that I started before the child was born. She’s several months old now. Several. Several. But not quite a year old! This is better than the other quilt in my Works In Progress pile for a baby that is now 2 years old. And I started months and months before he was born. So, see! I’m improving! And as long as I don’t think about the 2 other babies I wanted to make quilts for (but haven’t started them) and the 2 babies on the way that need quilts (I’ve gotten as far as buying fabric!) and the 10 other WIPs stacked up in my crafting room….. Sigh. Ok, that’s brought my heartburn back.

What crafty projects are you working on? Do you have a pile of projects you still need to finish?


To help earn the funds for my upcoming trip to Haiti, I’ve opened a new Etsy shop called Finchley Lane. In it are some items I had made for various craft fairs in New Orleans. Since I haven’t found a craft fair yet here, I figured it would be a good time to sell those items & save the cash-o-la for my trip. So, from now until I leave, 100% of the profits from all sales go directly to pay for my trip.

What am I selling? Here’s a few pics….

These Wristlet Keychains are the bomb. I’m not really sure how I lived without mine. Seriously. If you don’t buy one from me, that’s fine. But, if you ever have to tote a whole mess of groceries, kids stuff, babies, or just junk and still need to keep your keys handy, then these are the ticket. Buy one from somewhere. They will help keep you sane. Or, in my case, they will inch you closer towards sanity.

I have several fabric flower pins and clips. Some are single flowers and some are in bunches. This one is my fave right now. I thought about just keeping it. But then I realized that I won’t exactly pay for my airfare if I keep all of the stuff I make and only sell the orange ones. So, I’ll keep it in the shop. *sigh* Being responsible and stuff isn’t always as much fun. Wait. I own all of that fabric. I can just make another one for myself. Woooo!

Today if the lighting is still good, I’ll photograph the tote bags and a few zipper bags that I have and get them added to the shop.

Oh, and local peeps: I offer free delivery for you! I mean, why pay shipping charges if I can just meet you at our church, at the library, or at Chick-fil-A? Sorry, I don’t meet people for deliveries in dark alleys, the Wal-Mart parking lot, or inside Red Lobster. Unless you’re buying my dinner at Red Lobster. Then I’ll deliver there for sure. Anyway, you can read how to get this amazing once-in-a-lifetime special offer in any of the item listings or in my shop policies section.

*end new Etsy shop plug* Thankyouverymuch!

Today was a great day! The New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild met for a Weekend Sew day. This sounds very important and monumental. And, in fact, it is. We all sit at tables and work very hard at telling outrageous stories, quoting lines from movies & tv, and contemplating what we’d like to eat from Chick-fil-A. Oh, and we sew some, too. I took a few tedious projects because it’s more fun to do these with fun-loving people nearby.

I have actually made quite a few quilts so far this year…. mostly because there has been a real baby boom going on! Here’s a few of the projects I’ve done so far this year.

(Soapbox Sidenote: Oh, and I have decided not to give in to bloggy-guilt and apologize and explain away my poor-quality photos. We bloggers are too hard on ourselves! How often do you read a post and people either won’t put up a picture because they said they couldn’t get a good enough one or they put one up and then add a paragraph apologizing for their lack of professional skillz or lack of lighting cooperation. No more of that, I say! So what if I’m not a fabulous photographer! I do many other things well! Far too often I’ve left pictures out of posts because they didn’t look like Pioneer Woman’s photos or Oh, Fransson!’s fabulously arranged shots. Pooh on that. I’m a crafter, a mama, and someone in the midst of a move…. my kids are lucky enough to eat more than cold cereal. Heh, heh! Ok, I’m giving up my blog photography guilt and inadequacy and subsequently ending this Soapbox Sidenote…. on to the pictures!)

I call this quilt the M&Ms for M quilt. Why? Well, it looks like M&Ms & the baby’s name starts with M. (My cleverness overwhelms me. I also may or may not have been jonesing for chocolate at the time….) I would also like you to notice the **totally awesome** Hurry-Throw-The-Quilt-Over-The-Ironing-Board-And-Take-A-Pic-Before-You-Shove-This-In-A-Gift-Sack-And-Give-It-Away photo technique. (Yes, and now you are all overwhelmed by my cleverness and abilities!)

The front is a bunch of circles cut with my fabulous Christmas Present — my Accuquilt Go! (I’ve named it Cutty-Cut. I love it. It’s my BQAFF. That means Best Quilty Accessory Friend Forever.) The border is strips of the same fabrics & the binding was cut so the dots would go around the edges.


I worked on this quilt over the holidays when I was at my mama’s house. I didn’t want to have to go get more fabric for the back and I like pieced backings anyway….. so I put strips of the front fabrics together to make another pattern on the back. I included the guitar fabric because sweet lil’ M’s daddy is the Music Minister at our church and plays a mean guitar.

Next quilt!

Ok, this photo wins the first prize for Cutest-Quilt-Holder-Upper-Who-Needs-Her-Hair-Combed-Very-Badly! Bean saw me trying the Ironing Board trick again and said “Mama, I’ll help you!” Too cute to pass up! The quilt she’s holding went to a sweet baby girl whose parents are great college buddies of mine. Her daddy should have received 500 quilts for the grief I gave him in college. He was my unofficial brother after my bro graduated & had to change my car battery, help me go to Wal-Mart at 3 a.m. to get random crap, and then house my boyfriend/fiance/now hubby when he’d come visit. (Hey MoToole! You did all that and I made you a quilt! Even Steven!)

(Ok, cuter picture! She is really a little ham!) Here’s the back. Mostly leftover damask from Bean’s baby quilt but a strip of fun thrown in there. I actually made two quilts at the same time that are very similar on the front & not too different on the back. But, I can’t find the pictures of that one…. so this one counts twice. Both are a Disappearing 9 Patch on the front with some type of border around it. I like using this pattern on a large scale because it shows off fabulous large-scale prints.

Lastly for today…. Sweet HD’s quilt!

(So, I could have cropped out the mess of toys, the horse named Rosemary, and the light & fan above the quilt…. but then I would have also cropped out Peanut eating a Corny Dog. And that’s what you’ve really come here for.)

This quilt started out with my buddy Nat saying that she wanted a black & white damask & aqua & lime green gender neutral quilt. Whaaa…? See, she wanted a quilt she could use for this baby & any more that may come. So, I put together some fabrics I liked & some she loved. The aqua zebra print on the first border she wasn’t too sure about at first, but then she agreed that it worked great to separate the blocks. I designed this quilt like I usually do. I came up with several ideas and mapped them out carefully on graph paper. I figured out dimensions and color placements and techniques and obsessed about it for weeks. Then, I got a bee in my bonnet, sat down, started cutting something different from anything I planned, and just slapped a bunch of stuff together until I liked it. (I’m not sure why I even own that graph paper….)

(“Mama, my corny dog fell off the stick! Hmm… I’ll just shove it back on there. I love me some corny dogs!” – Peanut)

Straight-up black & white damask is on the back. For once I didn’t piece the back & I almost felt like I was cheating! But, I like it. And, Nat liked it, too. And, here’s the reason this is the quilt I’m most proud of so far this year: I delivered it to the mama before the baby was born! In fact, I gave it to her a month ago and just today sweet little HD made his world debut! (Doesn’t that sound so much more exciting than “he was born”…?)

Yup… I am slowly clearing out my back log of in-progress baby quilts. I still have 2 to finish that are for children who are already born (and one who is nearing his 1st birthday! Yikes!) and a few more for babies that haven’t arrived. But did I work on any of those quilts today at the Weekend Sew? Hah! Why would I be so productive?! Instead, I worked on one for the Corn Dog Queen up there…. it will go on her big girl bed. I figure I have another year before she’ll need that, so I’ve got time.

Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to get the little thingy to show up on here…. so you’ll just have to trust me. (And if you know how to do that, you can let me know in the comments. Thanks!)
So… the winner is #47…..!
Candace April 4, 2011 at 10:04 pm

I live in North Texas now after calling South Louisiana Home; and before that Western Kentucky; Jackson, Mississippi; and the rural parts of St. Louis (which aren’t rural anymore). Just call me a gypsy :)

As to wall colours, my husband and I lucked out when we got around to purchasing a house in North Texas by buying a house with a red parlour, a mustard hallway and dining room, a brown bedroom, a blue bedroom, a green music room, a purple (i.e. TCU) work out room, a navy bathroom, a lavender bathroom, and a yellow and cedar paneled game room. We love all the colour in our house and so do our friends — though I have been slowly altering the colours (i.e. the shade of green in the music room, the shade of blue in one bedrooms; with plans for an eggplant bedroom and teal bedroom as well as a bolder red in the parlour).

(Candace, I grew up in East Texas and now live in South Louisiana. I’ve got lots of stops in & around those — just like you!)
I’ve sent Candace an e-mail to see which prize she’s going to pick…. but from the gorgeous quilts she has on her blog, I have a feeling that my fellow traveling gypsy is also a fellow fabric addict and will pick the gift certificate from Sew Love Fabrics…. smart lady!
Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway. I hope you decide to stick around! As for me, I’m off to finish my Solids Challenge Quilt that the NOLA Modern Quilt Guild is doing. Wait, who am I kidding? Finish it? That’s a laugh! Instead, I’m actually doing a whole mess of improvisation (and some definite rule-breaking) because planning a quilt out first and then sticking with that plan so you are sure you have enough fabric & you don’t have to stop in the middle to order more fabric and add a few rule-breaking fabrics to make what you want goshdarnit — well, that’s just crazy talk!

*I’m enjoying Mother’s Day Out sitting in a coffee shop and blogging. It’s lovely. There are no little people to smear sticky fingerprints on my computer or monitor. Well, except for the lady sitting by me…. but she’s just being rude.

* Bean got her first haircut. Yes, I have pictures. No, I don’t have them with me. She did a FABULOUS job being still. Then we realized why: A lady we knew from church was there getting her hair colored. It was wrapped in those foil thingies. We forgot to explain to Bean what on earth those things were. She thought we were about to foil her hair! Still, once we figured that out and explained what was up, she was still super cooperative. The result: My sweet little baby’s sweet baby curls are in an envelope. She is going to have straight hair like me. No more ringlets. Sigh….

* Peanut has a funny deep, hoarse voice. She also tends to growl, but not just when she’s mad. She has this happy grunt, another excited growly purr, and of course the angry roar. We were in the car driving and she was making those sounds. The hub looked at me and said, “I didn’t know our daughter was a Wookie.”

* This is a Wookie:

* When the kids get upset with one another, they’ve started shrieking. I. hate. this. They sound like Little Nazguls.

* This is a Nazgul:

* These dorky, unkind references we make about our children have now permanently put us in the dorky, unkind category of parenting. But never fear! We don’t actually call them this to their faces. Unless we’re talking in Turkish.

* It’s really nice to know a language your kids don’t know. There’s no need to spell things out — just switch languages. But, Bean notices & doesn’t like it. She hollers: STOP TALKING SPANISH!

* We are working on geography with her. It hasn’t sunk in yet.

* I have finished 2 quilts this year. WOO HOO. No pictures…. the camera and card are at home. I also got my sewing machine’s tension issues taken care of, so a certain young 9 month old man will finally get his quilt finished and sent to him. Hopefully before he turns 1. (Yes, dearest Ian… I haven’t forgotten you!)

* For some insane reason they just turned the A/C on in this coffee shop. I’m outta here….



Thanks for all who entered! I’m nearing my 600th post (whaaaa?!?!), so expect a giveaway again when that happens. (More on that in a bit.)

Let’s get right to it…. I forgot to take a little snapshot of the number generator, so you’ll just have to trust me. 🙂

The winners of the 3 giveaways are:

Gingham fat quarter pack — #167

Teresa December 15, 2010 at 9:29 am

Wow, you have a lot of comments! I think I like living in this time period. What with Chick Fil A and internet and all. :) Sorry to be not creative at all!

Teresa! I’m so glad you entered! Maybe you can use these goodies to make something for your sweet new baby girl.  An e-mail is on it’s way to you. And, in your honor I’ve decided to take the girls to CFA tonight. 🙂 (That was a difficult decision, eh?)


Designer FQ pack & wristlet — #1

Sally December 13, 2010 at 8:47 am

hmmmm – I guess I’d be yellow-green: mostly optimistic but capable of holding a grudge and even an occasional tantrum. How about you?


Sally, my favorite color is yellow, but right now I’d be a dusky blue. Why? Because I’d like it to be dusky and dark so I could take a nap!

Flower — #24

Claire December 15, 2010 at 2:50 am

I bought my husband a coat and some books and dvds…games are good, too. iTunes cards if they dig music, especially if they have an ipod. I also ordered a mug with my husband’s favorite hockey team logo on it, as well as a picture of our family. A few ideas – hope you find everything you need!

Thanks for everyone’s manly gift suggestions. They really helped! Since the guys I need to still buy for read this blog, I can’t reveal what I’ve decided to get/make…. yet. 🙂

I’ve sent e-mails to the winners. If they don’t get back to me by Wednesday, I’ll draw new winners. It was super interesting to read all of your comments. I’m glad I asked you to answer crazy questions. I hope you guys all decide to stick around a bit — at least until the next giveaway. I haven’t decided exactly what to give away yet, but it will be something that all of my readers would like, regardless of hobby interest, gender, or whatever.

Now, my wonderful hubby just said he’d watch the kids so my dusky blue self can take a nap and return to being my crazy red self!

I loooooove Sew, Mama, Sew’s Giveaway Day! And it’s here. So, call your favorite babysitter, tell your boss you’re sick and can’t work, and sit down with your favorite beverage and a box of cookies — you’ve got hundreds of giveaways to go through today! Woo-hoo!

I am delighted to participate…. so excited that I’m actually doing 3 giveaways. I’m putting each one in a separate post so you can enter the ones you’re interested in and skip any you’re not.  (Yes! You can enter all 3!) And, no jumping through hoops — just a single comment on each post will do nicely.

I hope you’ll stick around a bit and browse through the past 4 1/2 years of posts. Whole lot of crafts, crap, kids, and living adventures to read about…

For now, let’s get to the first giveaway!

My newest Etsy shop, Ruby’s Retro City, features vintage fabric, notions, and fun vintage housewares. I have yards and yards of vintage fabric — more than I could sew with in a lifetime! So, I decided it was time to share. I run the shop with Ruby Sue Roux — someone I met in a thrift store who lives in her own retro time period and is obsessed with shoes, cat’s eye glasses, and vintage decor. She is particularly drawn to anything featuring poodles or copious amounts of glitter. She is also rather boy-crazy, but has not been successful in that department yet. I can say all of this about her because she never gets on the computer except to write a little introduction to each listing. I find them to be silly, strange, wild, and purely Ruby.

So, what are we giving away? Well, I’m super excited about the vintage gingham fat quarter pack! I’ve got many colors and sizes of gingham fabric. As a quilter I love having little bits of each color to put with projects. So, I made the customizable pack to meet the needs of other quilters and craft sewers. (Sewists? People who sew?)

For each pack, you get to pick 5 fat quarters out of my list of available gingham goodies. (And, at only $8 for the pack, that equals out to be $1.60 per fat quarter!) So, for my first giveaway, you get to pick your own vintage gingham fat quarter pack. Put them together for a great, soft baby quilt or add them to projects that need a classic basic… super versatile!

(Gee, mab, how many pictures of the same stack of fabric can you put in here?)

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1) Leave a comment and answer the following question: If you could live in any time period in history, what would it be? (If I have to read a bunch of comments, I want them to be more than ‘pick me!’ — so let’s go with this question. Because that’s what I want to do.)

Super easy, eh?

Now for the rules:

You don’t have to visit my Etsy shop, but I would be happy if you do. 🙂 And, until December 17th, use the coupon code GAD2010 to get 15% off all purchases! (Yes, even the Katie Jump Rope and Flea Market Fancy Home Dec Knock-Offs!)

This giveaway is open internationally!

Only enter once. Because that’s the nice way to do it.

You have until Friday, December 17th at midnight central time to enter.

I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, December 18th. The winner will be chosen by

Now, head on down to the next two posts to see what other giveaways I’ve got going on today! Then, check out Sew, Mama, Sew’s main Giveaway Day listings. But grab that beverage first….

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