My belly button is a black hole. It is disgusting. I won’t even let Ray Ray look at it. Why is it like this? Well, as you remember, I had a laproscopy to remove Cicero the cyst. Before my belly button had time to heal, I got pregnant with Beanie and my belly started to expand. Before I’d lost all of my post-Bean baby weight (and Blizzard weight and Sonic Cherry Coke weight and hot dog weight), I got pregnant again. The result: My belly button is most likely permanently deformed. It has no more cute wrinkles in it — it’s just a black hole. A black hole of despair. Sigh.

In other news…. no, there is no other news. We’re plugging along quietly here. RayRay likes his job and his coworkers all seem like the right kind of nutty. (This is vital in an office situation.) I’m still getting to know neighbors and hanging out with my Beanie girl. Lately, whenever we’re in the living room, I turn on Baby Diaries or A Baby Story or one of those baby shows. Then, I point out all of the babies to her. I consider it training. I actually don’t like those shows very much — they make me think of the exhaustion that is to come. But, it’s good to flip to and let her see what a tiny baby actually is.

Last night we met our neighbor’s new week-old son. He is adorable! And, I forgot how tiny they are. I look at Bean and wonder how on earth she ever fit in my belly. I did get to see Peanut at the last doctor’s visit. He/she is growing well and doing great. In another month we get the big ultrasound that will forever give my child a third-person personal pronoun. (He vs. she, that is.)

Now, I’m off to try to organize some stuff before the Beanster wakes up. And, I’m going to feed my belly.