I’ve put new pictures up on Flickr. To Grannie, Paw Paw, Uncle Bubbie, Mimi, Poppy, Uncle B, Aunt L, and the rest of the relatives: You’re welcome. No snarky comments on how long it took me or I’ll take longer next time. So there.

Thanks so much to all  of you who entered a recipe on the post below! I’m excited to try some of them, interested in trying others, and will walk with trepidation when trying a few. (Mama P, I’ll trust you that the cauliflower will taste like potatoes… I forgot to mention that I don’t eat cauliflower. But, for you, I will try it. Just for you.)

You can still enter a recipe. I take all kinds! But, remember that the contest is for SIDE DISHES. So, I’ll try the others, but they aren’t eligible for the contest. We leave town this Saturday for the Thanksgiving holiday & I’m not planning on going to the grocery store before then. So, once I get back, I’ll start trying recipes and I’ll post what I think. Good, bad, or gaseous.

In other news… we went to Toys R Us last night. Peanut’s birthday is next week (!!!!!!! This deserves exclamation marks!!!!!!!) and she needed presents. Bean helped me pick them out. Peanut was there. (Come on, she’ll be 1. It’s not like she remembers what she saw last night and is wondering where her toys are.) If we saw something we thought she’d like, we’d show her. If she did her funny sucking-in-air-and-shrieking happy noise, we knew it was a winner. So, it went in the cart.

I also got Bean a Christmas present. I know she’s a girl, but she’s in LOVE with Buzz Lightyear. So, I got her a Buzz doll.

I held it behind my back and maneuvered the cart to the front. (Ray Ray was working late & wasn’t with us. And yes, that was difficult.) I told Bean “Look! There’s candy over there!” and got her to pay attention to the displays. Then, I gave the toy to a cashier and said, “I’m getting this for my daughter, but I don’t want her to see. I’ll be back.” Once I got to the checkout, the clerk scanned it and bagged it without Bean seeing. It’s now in our trunk. She will love it. Love it. Love it.

Peanut’s gifts from us… The Little People Musical Zoo Train

and the Little People Dump Truck.

I am a tomboy and always liked stuff like this. I think my girls do, too. At least, this is what elicits squeals of joy from them. Well, this along with baby dolls, tea sets, and purses. Actually, they’re really well rounded! I did find it interesting that the yellow “boy” dump truck had balls of dirt or boulders to dump out. The girl’s one had clear ones. Maybe they’re huge diamonds! Hmmm….

While there we also got some birthday presents for people. Bean had a good time picking the stuff out. I’d give her two options and she’d choose. Peanut had a good time taking off her socks.