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Don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for babies in sunglasses!


I put this pic of Bean up on Facebook to show off the shirt she made for the 100th day of school. I should have put this up instead:


Peanut has the most accurate nickname because she’s a funny little nut. She demands to go sit in the long carpool line everyday to pick up her sis because she just can’t wait for her to come home. Once we are back, she demonstrates this love by antagonizing her and instigating trouble. But would you believe that about this precious one?


The biggest news is that Raylo just got back from a trip to Thailand. I want to write more about why he went in days to come. For now, I’ll tell you how grateful we all are that Mimi came to stay with us during his 10 day trip. I’ll also tell you how joyful we are that he is back. Goodness, I missed that guy!

So that’s all that’s been going on with us. How about you? What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?


Today the girls set up a tent in the living room while I watched tv & folded laundry and Little Mister played on the floor. I heard them whispering: “Don’t let her see us! We’re spies and we have to see what she’s doing!”

At that point Bean began dictating all of our actions while Peanut wrote them down.

“She’s folding a towel!”
“Little Mister is playing with his puppy toy!”
“Now she’s changing the tv channel!”
“And folding a blanket!”
“LM is laughing and sucking his paci!”

The excitement continued for quite some time.

Here’s the thing: Bean delegated the task of writing to the kid who can’t write all of the letters of the alphabet yet.

Instead, she filled several pages of paper with lines. Then Bean asked me to staple the pages into a book.

Tonight I walked by the kids’ shelves that we call the library. What book was included? Their book. It must be quite a thrilling read.

Who knew laundry, daytime reruns, and a baby playing could be so fascinating?


It’s sleeting and snowing here. The girls are giddy! But, they couldn’t figure out why the snow wouldn’t pack together to make a snowman. The answer: it’s about 90% sleet & there’s only 1/2 inches of it….

Last night I realized that Peanut was going to need to go to the doc this morning. She has the funky crud that started with me, went to Raylo, and has now inhabited her lungs and nose. So, this morning we got Bean off to school & then quickly got Peanut dressed to make it in time for walk-in sick call. We rushed there, saw the doc, got the diagnosis, went to the pharmacy, and came home.

After we picked Bean up from school, she began complaining of the same things. So, I called the doc’s office to get in for the afternoon. “We have one appointment left & it’s in 10 minutes. Can you make it?” they said. I live 15 minutes away. I told them I’d be 5 minutes late, but I’d be there. I hollered for Bean to put on her shoes & come right away. We rushed there, saw the exact same doc (out of 15) in the exact same room, got the exact same diagnosis, went to the exact same pharmacy, and came back to the exact same home.

As I went through this process, I kept thinking: Didn’t I already do this today? Then I just laughed. So did the staff at the doc’s office after they looked at me with a puzzled expression & said “Didn’t you already come today?” The doc walked in and also did a double-take. Then, he said “Wait…. didn’t I already see you today?”

I’m spreading deja vu all over the place.

The good news is that neither girl is terribly ill. We caught it early. The better news: they have some super-powerful medicine that will ensure that all of us get a good night’s sleep. Well, unless Little Mister decides he’s hungry at 3 a.m.


Tonight we went to the Fun Festival at our church. I was accompanied by the following characters:

If you asked Bean what she was for Halloween, she replied that she was a Butterfly Princess Fairy. That seems to be a theme for little girl costumes. They can be a princess, a fairy, or a combination of the two with any other flavor thrown in. Ballerina princess? Sure! Ladybug fairy? Why not? Tonight I even saw a princess riding a unicorn. The ultimate Halloween costume for the under-8 female demographic would probably be a Ballerina Butterfly Bluebird Fairy Princess Unicorn Sparkle Pony. (I so need to trademark that idea…)

By the way, this pic is out of focus because she was just too stinkin’ excited to stay still. She was bouncing & wiggling so much that a non-blurry photo was impossible.

We also were accompanied by a Beautiful Dancer. That’s how Peanut described herself. We arrived at the festival at 6:15. We left at 7:45. From 6:30 until 7:30 this Beautiful Dancer and her sister were in the bouncy house. They wouldn’t leave to play the games and get the candy. That means that they came home with only about 10 pieces of candy each. And barely any chocolate!

On one hand, this is a good thing. They won’t eat candy until they get sick. We won’t have candy hanging around our house for weeks. But, on the other hand, this is very bad. I can’t exactly sneak any pieces of their candy when there are so few! Besides, there is barely any chocolate!

Our trio was rounded out by the cutest kid out there (if I do say so myself)…. Folks, say hello to Uncle Si:

As y’all can tell from my previous posts, I’m quite a fan of Duck Dynasty. Si and Jase are our faves around here. So, when Britty suggested that our Little Mister should be Uncle Si, I decided that this idea was brilliant. He had a beard attached to his paci, sideburns/long hair attached to his hat, camo clothes (and a camo blanket), duck toys all around him, and the ever-present plastic cup.

Just a little bit before leaving, I still hadn’t figured out how to make glasses for him. Pipe cleaners wouldn’t work — they could poke him. I didn’t know how to get felt glasses to stay on him. Then, I realized that the key was in my bathroom vanity all along….

Raylo,  I must confess something. I put makeup on your son. That’s brown eyeliner on our sweet boy. Yes, I dressed him up and put makeup on him. And a wig. But, there was also copious amounts of camo and a beard. So, that should man up the outfit enough.

Did you  go trick or treating or to a festival? What costumes did you wear? I need ideas in case I can’t find a Ballerina Butterfly Bluebirnd Fairy Princess Unicorn Sparkle Pony costume next year….


Our little Mister is here!

He was born at 37 weeks exactly. That was my goal during the past few weeks of premature labor. So, when the contractions started with a vengeance this past Saturday morning, I knew it was the day. He was 7 pounds even and 19.5 inches long. And we are tickled to have him here!

Bean just loves our little guy. Tonight she couldn’t go to sleep until she came back to check on him just one more time. They didn’t get to meet him right away because he spent 2 days in the NICU. His lungs weren’t ready to breathe well on his own. He was also having difficulty keeping his body temp up and they were concerned that he had an infection.

After 2 days of great care & lots of tests, he is breathing well and there were no signs of infection at all. (phew!) We finally got him in the room with us and he got to meet his sisters.

Now we are home and settling in to life as a family of 5. We are incredibly, incredibly blessed to have both Grannie & Mimi here with us to help out. I seriously don’t know how we would function without these two amazing ladies!

Now Little Mister has to adjust to a life with two very noisy and active big sisters. They alternate between running around the house playing and coming over to check him out. Peanut has to stop her games every few minutes to pat him. I’m beginning to think that he’s not actually sleeping. He’s just pretending so they’ll leave him alone.

We are all sooooo in love with this kid!

Her future’s so bright, she needs shades, but we didn’t have any that would match her outfit, so here’s a squinty picture of our precious Beanie on her first day of Kindergarten!


She has a great teacher — very kind and encouraging. Just the personality that our tender-hearted girl needs. And, she has both a LaLa Loopsy backpack & lunchbox. Now THAT’S something to smile about!

So far, she’s having a great time in kindergarten! The sweetest thing, though, is when she gets home.

On the first day, she came in & Peanut ran up to her. They embraced and Bean said “Oh, Peanut! I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” Peanut said “I missed you, Sissie! Let’s play!” Today in the carpool line, this was repeated. We picked up Beanie & they had to embrace before we could get Bean in the car & buckled up. You’d think they’ve been away from each other for weeks instead of hours. It’s actually really sweet. When I found out Peanut was going to be a girl, I started praying that they’d be good friends. Looks like my prayers are being answered. 🙂

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