I usually am a good packer. For Pete’s sake, I’ve packed a lot in my life. I’ve traveled and moved and visited… I should have a doctorate in packing.

This time, I guess I packed my brain first. Here’s a list of the following items I forgot:

  • my medications
  • Peanut’s reflux meds
  • Peanut’s teething tablets
  • Bean’s coat
  • Peanut’s Dolly & Blankie (that she can’t sleep without)
  • nice shoes for Peanut
  • PJ pants for me
  • cell phone charger
  • my recipes for the items I have to cook for Thanksgiving
  • my razor
  • deoderant
  • the family’s Thankful Tree poster (that Bean & I made & on which we all attach a leaf a day telling what we’re thankful for in order for her 2 year old mind to grasp Thanksgiving)

Sigh…. after a trip to Walgreens to get new prescriptions and pick up the other essentials, a phone call to my Mama to get the recipes, and a sneaky raid on my hubby’s toiletries for emergency deo (yes, I smell like Sport Endurance scent or whatever….) I am somewhat ok now. Except for one department…

I always bring my sewing machine. Then I can work on stuff while the kids play with the grandparents. I got everything I needed but THE BOX. This clear shoebox-sized container holds the following items:

  • scissors
  • thread
  • rotary cutter (essential!!!)
  • extra sewing machine needles
  • pins
  • hand-sewing needles
  • buttons/toggles/D-rings and other essential notions
  • my labels to keep my items from looking homeade & making them more professional
  • extra accessories for my sewing machine
  • pinking shears

Fortunately I found a decent pair of scissors in my travel sewing bag. For the rest of it, I had to go to Hancock Fabrics to get the bare essentials today. Otherwise, I couldn’t sew and I would fall massively behind in my projects. Sigh.

I’m usually a good packer. But, not this time.