The Rules: Answer the questions using only one word. Then tag three others. I tag: KLK, Momma G, and Papa Steve.

1. Where is your cell phone? unknown
2. Your significant other? PUMA*
3. Your hair? pathetic
4. Your mother? busy
5. Your father? busier
6. Your favorite thing? Chocolate!
7. Your dream last night? snorkeling
8 Your favorite drink? milk
9. Your dream/goal? domination
10. The room you’re in? mismatched
11. Your hobby? sarcasm
12. Your fear? alone
13. What do you want to be in 6 years? un-poor**
14. What you’re not? finished
15. Muffins? Mama’s
16. One of your wish list items? housekeeper
17. Where you grew up? Tyler
18. The last thing you did? blog
19. What are you wearing? PJs
20. Favorite gadget? Flip
21. Your pets? dustbunnies
22. Your computer? overflowing
23. Your mood? sleepy
24. Missing someone? Britty!
25. Your car? injured***
26. Something you’re not wearing? pants****
27. Favorite store? Junk*****
28. Like someone? Beanie!
29. Your favorite color? yellow
30. When is the last time you laughed? dinner
31. Last time you cried? hmmmm…….?

*I was staring at the hub and trying to think of one word. He was reclining on the bed, reading. I thought of reclining, reposed, reading, or hunky. He asked me what I was doing. I told him I needed just one word to describe him. He immediately said, “PUMA!” Rrrrawr!

**This is a word because I say it is. And I have an English degree, so I’m qualified to declare things wordified.

***Long story including me, the post by the gas pump, and my side mirror. Fortunately the car is silver, so I think the duct tape repair will blend nicely.

***Hah! That’s scandalous! However, I am wearing pjs, which include shorts. So, I’m not nekkid. (What were you thinking, people!)

****If you’re in Waco, go to Laverty’s. It is the BEST antique/unique/vintage/junk shop in the world. Ever.

(See, I couldn’t do it in one word. Some of my answers needed asterisks.)