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Monthly Archives: July 2008

This afternoon we went to the park. Then, we tried to find this really good Italian restaurant we’d heard of. We went off in the right direction, but couldn’t quite find it. So, I used Tom Tom and searched for nearby restaurants. We found one that was Italian.

When we pulled in, it wasn’t the same one, but we’d heard of it, so we decided to eat there. We were the only ones inside, but we thought that would be ok. (I was hungry and didn’t want to go find somewhere else.) Well, it turned out to be the perfect place.

After we ordered and were walking back to our table, I overheard the employees talking to one another. I didn’t hear all of their words, but I distinctly heard that they were talking in Central Asian. I wheeled around and looked at the hub. “They’re Central Asian!” I said. He wasn’t sure if I was just hearing things, but then we looked at one guy who was restocking the drinks. He was wearing a shirt from the Big City. There it was, plain as day. Anyway, we struck up a conversation and the entire staff except the register girl ended up being Central Asian.

They also made amazing pizza, complete with Italian sausage, bacon, and other meats that we never could find in Central Asia. I wonder what they think about that….?

Anyway, we talked to them for about a half an hour and they told us they could introduce us to the entire C.A. community here in the Big Easy. We’ve been wanting to meet people, but we didn’t know how. It turns out that we just had to go out for Italian food.

Come see me and we’ll introduce you to our C.A. friends who make amazing pizza. If we’re really nice, maybe they’ll make us some of those other dishes I miss so much. Oh, if they only had manti!

In other news, I’m heading out of town tomorrow to see the fam. I will be gone about a week. I’ll have some computer access, so I can get to my blog. But, I won’t be able to get to my e-mail. Yeah, like that’s a loss. It’s not like I really answer those e-mails anyway. But, e-mail and talk to the hub. He’s staying here without me and without Bean. He’s threatening to spend his evenings at the French Quarter living a bachelor life. I somehow doubt it….


Thanks to all of you who commented, called, or e-mailed with Lale names. One thing I’ve decided…. somehow I will split up la and le. Maybe with a graphic, maybe with a foo-foo accent on the e. Anyway, I think that might make it easier to read.

My goal is to have the store up and running by the end of September. Why that long? I’ll be out of town for about a week & a half in August. Then, I want to finish a few more projects so I’ll have a good amount of stock to start the store off with. Meanwhile, Britty has offered to use her super skills to help me with the logo and the site design. Then, there’s product pictures, descriptions to write, pricing to determine, and everything to set up. While I’m chasing Bean and being pregnant. I actually think that the end of September is a bit of a rush! Yikes!

In other, wonderful news, today is National Cheesecake Day. Therefore, Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro is having buy one, get one free cheesecake. This is absolutely the most phenomenal cheesecake I’ve ever eaten ever ever ever in my life. It’s freaking expensive, but worth it because of how huge and yummy it is. And, I just found out that they will honor this deal if it’s take-out. So, my plan for tonight: Get cheesecake and watch Project Runway with some of my friends.

The evening could only be made more perfect if I was guaranteed not to get yet another stretch mark from eating the cheesecake.

Oh well, it will be worth it. Soon my thighs will be one big stretch mark and it will all blend in, anyway. These are the true beauty marks of a mama.

Today Mimi and Poppy arrived to play with Beanie. They had a great time while RayRay and I went out on a date. We went to the Napoleon Exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum. Then, we ate at a great little spot called Port of Call. (Thanks, Miss Cathy, for the suggestion!) They were the best burgers I’ve had in ages. And, I asked for some cherry syrup in my coke — they gave me tons and added about 10 cherries. RayRay eats the cherries, not me, so he was happy. All in all, a great date.

We’re finding that this is a great city to live in. There’s lots to do in all areas of town. Tomorrow we’re taking Beanie to the zoo (weather permitting). She’s never been before. She loved the aquarium, so we think she’ll love this, too. All I know is that I’m skipping my morning nap to take her, so she’d better have a good time.

In other news, my dual pregnancies have left my fingers too fat to wear my wedding bands. I want a replacement. Bhood and Tito directed me to this lovely ring. It’s 1 karat. And yummy. What do you think?

I myself will be opening a shop on Etsy soon. It will feature the quilts and blankets I’ve made as well as small makeup/coin/miscellaneous bags. I’ve chosen my name: Lale. No, don’t pronounce it Layle. Pronounce it La-Lay. It means tulip in Central Asian. The word looks cool and sounds cool. Here’s the problem. Just plain Lale is taken by someone. It’s not a shop, but just a user name. So, I need something more. LaleDesigns is a website (not on Etsy), so I don’t want to use that. Right now I’ve reserved Lale Arts, but it just doesn’t have a ring to it. Help! What do y’all think?

Well, the hub is 30. Wish him a happy birthday here or on Facebook today.

We’re celebrating with homeade ice cream and cake. Mmmmm….. Although, I am not quite sure I’m doing the ice cream right. It should have been done by now, but it’s still going. And our guests are going to arrive in a half hour! YIKES!

The other day at the doctor’s clinic, I saw an escalator. Next to it was a large sign that read:

“Absolutely no wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches allowed on the escalator.”

Ok, I can see how someone with crutches would think they could hang with the slow-moving escalator and want to go that route versus the elevator. But, wheelchair? Walker? I mean, I wonder if some heartless person told his ailing auntie to just hop on the escalator with her walker. “Come on, Aunt Thelma! You’ll be ok! I’ll hold on to you if you fall.” Hmm… to me, it sounds like a ploy to advance the coming of an inheritance.

And wheelchairs on an escalator? Surely no one is that stupid. Surely. I hope. Otherwise our nation truly is doomed.

Here’s Beanie at a recent birthday party. She was giving wood chips she found on the ground to various people. This little boy started to play with her. And then…. well, watch the video.

Little E, you should watch out! This guy who’s making the moves on your girl is also named E! I told him you were coming to town to stand up for your woman. But, I don’t think Bean needs standing up for. She can do it on her own, right?

My belly button is a black hole. It is disgusting. I won’t even let Ray Ray look at it. Why is it like this? Well, as you remember, I had a laproscopy to remove Cicero the cyst. Before my belly button had time to heal, I got pregnant with Beanie and my belly started to expand. Before I’d lost all of my post-Bean baby weight (and Blizzard weight and Sonic Cherry Coke weight and hot dog weight), I got pregnant again. The result: My belly button is most likely permanently deformed. It has no more cute wrinkles in it — it’s just a black hole. A black hole of despair. Sigh.

In other news…. no, there is no other news. We’re plugging along quietly here. RayRay likes his job and his coworkers all seem like the right kind of nutty. (This is vital in an office situation.) I’m still getting to know neighbors and hanging out with my Beanie girl. Lately, whenever we’re in the living room, I turn on Baby Diaries or A Baby Story or one of those baby shows. Then, I point out all of the babies to her. I consider it training. I actually don’t like those shows very much — they make me think of the exhaustion that is to come. But, it’s good to flip to and let her see what a tiny baby actually is.

Last night we met our neighbor’s new week-old son. He is adorable! And, I forgot how tiny they are. I look at Bean and wonder how on earth she ever fit in my belly. I did get to see Peanut at the last doctor’s visit. He/she is growing well and doing great. In another month we get the big ultrasound that will forever give my child a third-person personal pronoun. (He vs. she, that is.)

Now, I’m off to try to organize some stuff before the Beanster wakes up. And, I’m going to feed my belly.

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