Bean can say Dada, but that’s about it. She used to say something that was a version of “outside,” but she’s quit. There is one new word she’s working on. There’s something in this house that fascinates her.

Her socks.

She tries to put them on. She takes them off. She plays with them. And, she says (very intently), “Sssssssss….” Then she opens her mouth. That’s her way of saying “ock.”

Today we were folding laundry. (This means that I was taking it out of the basket, folding it, and putting it on the couch. She was pulling it out of the basket, dragging it around the room, putting some of it back in the basket, trying to pull down what I had folded, and then emptying the basket so she could climb in.) At one point she started handing me clothes to fold. I held up her Daddy’s socks and said “Sock.” She looked at me, wrinkled her brow, and stared. It was as if she was saying, “No way. Socks are small. Those are HUGE!”

(By the way, the comic is Speed Bump by Dave Coverly. It was published August 11, 2008.)