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Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

*Full Disclosure: In exchange for writing this post, I am getting 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly. But, they’re not telling me what opinions to say. You know I have lots of opinions and will share them freely. And, I like free stuff. But, only free good stuff.*

Every year my BFF Britty makes our Christmas card. Last year, they turned out pretty awesome! She designed them and then I went to find a place to print them. I don’t want to badmouth the company that printed them, so we’ll just use an alias. I sent her gorgeous file off to an online photo place we’ll just call SlapDish. I ordered them just a few days after Thanksgiving. They arrived soooo late that we couldn’t give any to our neighbors here. They had all left to be with family already. My family got all of their cards hand-delivered. Many people didn’t get them at all and those who did got them late. I still have a stack of them in the back. Grrrrrr!

This year Britty has a new beautiful baby girl. She’s quite busy. I know she’d have time to work her fabulousness on a card for me, but that would only work if I could actually get some good pictures sent to her. I decided to make life easier for all of us. I am happily ordering cards from Shutterfly.

A few years ago I made calendars to give out and we had them printed by Shutterfly. I think I had a coupon or something. Anyway, the service was fabulous, the colors and quality of the finished product were amazing, and the price was reasonable (even before the coupon). Last year, in addition to the card fiasco, I had a coupon to SlapDish and got calendars from them. Bleh. They were late, they were not so great.

I’ve learned my lesson. I should have known! In the past few years I’ve ordered prints, calendars, and even books from Shutterfly. I am always 100% pleased with the service & especially the shipping time. So… if you are like me and haven’t ordered Christmas cards on the 10th of December, check out Shutterfly. Or, need calendars? Photo books? That’s my new 100% go-to source.

Which card have I picked this year? I’m going for this one (I think):

Since the photo below is one of the best ones I got out of the photo shoot with Bean and Peanut, I think I’ll see if they can send it to me with those cute and well-behaved sample children’s pictures on it….

It was a lovely shot…. they were posed nicely. Until I asked Peanut to get closer to Bean and she refused. Bean’s feelings were hurt, so she gave her that look. And blurry sisterly conflict was captured forever.

Then again, this is real life around here. I think I may blow this picture up and put it on our wall with their honkin’ huge wall decals.

Ahem. I got sidetracked.

Here’s a list of quick linkies to different spots on the Shutterfly site. Seriously…. if you’re wondering what to get your sweet Aunt Ethel, you KNOW she wants a coffee mug with your kids’ mugs on it. Calendars are always a hit, too. In fact, I’m not getting around to making them this year. And I fear disinheritance because of it. (Sorry… sidetracked again. On to the list!)

Click here for Christmas cards.

And here for calendars.

Right here for photo books.

Here’s the clicky link for honkin’ huge wall decals.

And that mug for Aunt Ethel? Here you go…


P.S. Wanna know more about the Shutterfly 50 freeĀ  card deal? Here’s the linky for that.


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