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I usually don’t post quilt pictures until the recipient actually receives the quilt, but I’m making an exception here. Ashley and I have been trying to meet up to get this quilt into her hands for a month. Every time we both show up at the same place at the same time, I’ve forgotten the quilt. Every time I remember it, she isn’t able to come. Since I’ve accused her of avoiding me, I thought I’d show her the quilt and maybe she’d decide she wants it and we could actually meet. (Hah! Just giving you a hard time, Ashley!)

Anyway, here’s the car quilt I made for her sweet Connor. Most of the fabric is from the Wheels collection by Riley Blake. The solid is something from Hancocks — not Kona, but their other 100% cotton collection.

The pattern is an off-center block within a block. I thought it kept it playful added to the car chaos. I was not sure how to finish it off, but thanks to suggestions from my quilt guild (Unofficial Motto: We’re Waaay More Awesome than Your Grandma’s Sewing Circle) I got a red solid binding to pick up the red cars driving around the map print border.

The back can’t be just boring, right? So, I took strips of the remaining fabric and made some vertical stripes. The quilting is all in random, slightly off-center vertical stripes. I didn’t want it to be super straight because the blocks are all a bit turny and wonky.

Thanks to my fabulous neighbor Jay Way for holding up my quilts in the lovely breezeway of our apartment building. I think the electric meters make a lovely touch….


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