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For quite awhile now I’ve had the same thing to the right of this text: a link to the fabulous work the Preemptive Love Coalition is doing. They’re working in partnership with many others to provide heart surgeries for kids in Iraq who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance at living a full life. Here’s a peek at what that life change looks like for a little girl named Parzheen.

Take some time today to read more at Preemptive Love Coalition. Join in! Let’s help people throw more celebration parties for the lives of their beloved children!


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Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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Well, that should give us all some fodder for conversation around the table this Christmas.

I found this on a new blog called Rage Against the Minivan that I’ve started reading. It’s actually very real and very compelling to me. The quote she pulled out is also the one that I find most true (and most thought-provoking).

“If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we’ve got to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that he commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition — and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”

Still looking for a gift for Cousin Floyd? Try something like World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, or Heifer International. Still looking for a gift for me? I’m really intrigued with the work of Love 146 and my favorite: the Preemptive Love Coalition.


Who else loves fabric? For Giveaway II, I’ve got some fabric cuts for you….

On the left is a pretty sky blue lacework print. It’s by David Textiles, but I don’t know the name of the print. I think it looks like snowflakes. This is a 22″ x 22″ piece of fabric. Next is the Lemon print from Alexander Henry. Then there’s a print from Amy Butler’s Lotus line. Last is Sunspots from Amy Butler’s Love line. It’s a bit of random, but they’re all fun and fabulous! The last 3 are all Fat Quarters (about 18″ x 22″). This is over a yard of fabric!

But let’s add something else…

(Ignore that terrible lighting! I couldn’t take pics until both kids were in bed.)

I’m also adding a wristlet keychain made with Heather Bailey’s Ivory Sway from the Pop Garden collection. (Love that fabric!) Some people call these key fobs. I personally HATE the word fob. So, I call them wristlet keychains. 🙂 If you win, you can call it whatever you’d like.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1) Leave a comment and answer the following question: If you were a color, what would you be? (If I have to read a bunch of comments, I want them to be more than ‘pick me!’ — so let’s go with this question. Because that’s what I want to do.)

Super easy, eh?

Now for the rules:

You don’t have to visit my Etsy shop, but I would be happy if you do. 🙂 And, until December 17th, use the coupon code GAD2010 to get 15% off all purchases! (Yes, even the Katie Jump Rope and Flea Market Fancy Home Dec Knock-Offs!)

This giveaway is open internationally!

Only enter once. Because that’s the nice way to do it.

You have until Friday, December 17th at midnight central time to enter.

I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, December 18th. The winner will be chosen by

Now, head on down to the next  post to see the last giveaway I’ve got going on today! Then, check out Sew, Mama, Sew’s main Giveaway Day listings. I go through every one and enter a bajillion of them. It usually leads to a serious case of Numb Butt. But you do what you gotta do….

Every parent wants pictures of their kid. There’s the typical portraits that you get from Olan Mills or JC Penney or Wal-Mart. There’s lovely school photos. And then there’s photos taken by a real photographer. A little while ago my buddy Katie Hodas came over and took some UH-ma-ZING pics of my girls. And now you have to look at them. Because I want you to.


(Now is the appropriate time for you all to say how gorgeous my children are. )

(You finished? No? Ok, take more time.)



(What about now? Ok. We’ll move on…)

You need to know that these shots were nothing short of a miracle. Bean is in a phase where she HATES to have her picture taken. In fact, this is the face she kept making:

But this is what I love about Katie’s pictures! They totally captured my girls for who they are. I look at them and she really caught their funny little precious and nutty personalities. For instance, this is something Peanut always does when she’s “telling” me something:

And this is a face Bean makes when she eloquently says “HUH?”

I call it her Elvis face. She’s been doing it since birth.

Need a family portrait for your Christmas card? Need a good picture of your kids to slap in a frame and give to Grandma? If you’re anywhere near New Orleans, I 100% recommend Katie. Go see her site! Now! You can see more cute pictures of other cute kids I know and also look at her fabulous design work. You can also look under Photography in the Children section and see a photo where Bean looks like she was eating chalk. She wasn’t. She was just laying her face on the concrete where she was drawing. I’m telling you this so you won’t think I’m a bad mom who lets her kid eat chalk. Instead, I’m the good mom who lets her kid lay face-down on the filthy sidewalk and put her nose where people have walked. (Points for me!) Enough of my amazing parenting skillz…. this post is about Katie’s mad photography skillz….! I would like to sum them up in one sentence:

Katie, you rock!



Today Britty (my best bud for eva) had a sweet new baby girl!!!!! I have had to deadbolt the door and block it with large pieces of furniture to deter me from running out of the house, getting in my car, driving to the airport, and catching a flight to Texas to hold this new little snuggle bun.

But, I didn’t block the window….. hmm….. gotta run!

Before I make a break for the airport, here’s a great blog post I found out about from a friend’s blog. Read it. Then, try to replicate it. And send me pictures. (Although I’m not sure where you’re going to legally locate an octopus, a howler monkey, and a talking parrot…. or where you’ll find a grocery store that will let you come in and shop like that….)

I have a magic scale.

I decided a few weeks ago to seriously start doing something about the baby weight I’m carrying. Most people want to have a 6 pack. I just want to stop carrying the 2 liter around my waist. *sigh* So, I’ve been cutting out all of the sweeties, adding in more fruits & veggies, and trying to exercise whenever I can. But, I wanted a scale so I could track my progress. I didn’t want to spend money on yet another thing…. I didn’t want to go find a scale.

So, it may sound silly, but I prayed for a scale.

A few days later I went to a friend’s house. They had moved and I was coming by to get all of the leftover stuff to take to the Swap Shop here on campus. There in the midst of the stuff was a scale. I wasn’t going to have to buy one. God answered my silly prayer. And, boy did He answer! He gave me a magic scale!

Last week I weighed myself. Then, I waited a week to weigh myself again. Mr. Magic Scale says I’ve lost 8 1/2 pounds! Woo-hoo! Now, I don’t think I actually lost that much…. there’s still plenty of junk in the trunk and my pants are only a teency tiny bit looser. But, the scale can’t be wrong, right?

So, I’ve decided I love this scale. As long as it keeps going down, that is. If I step on it tonight and it says I’ve lost another 15 pounds, I will legally adopt it. Even if I have to go up several sizes and eventually wear XXXXXXL clothes and have to drive a cart around Wal-Mart because I can’t walk, I’ll be happy as long as Mr. Magic Scale says I weigh 120 pounds. My friend here says I should just take out the batteries and write “120” on the screen in permanent marker. I think he’s very smart.

I don’t remember the last time I weighed 120. That’s not at all my reasonable goal for now. That’s actually crazy. I think if I weighed 120 I’d look like a poky stick. If I weighed 120, I would need to eat cake every day so I could put some meat back on my bones. Mmmmm….. cake…..

In slightly-related other news…. Tonight my hub was supposed to work late. Then, he called and said he was able to come home early. He opened the door and stepped back to let someone else in. There was MO’Toole! (Don’t you like your nickname, Mo? I soooo thought you would!) His beautiful wife CurlyLocks was with him! (No, I was NOT going to name her HO’Toole! And Mo, you are FORBIDDEN to call her that. Or I’ll come over there and make you go to Wal-Mart at 2 a.m.) I adore this wonderful couple. (Partly because Mo is the one who gave me the idea about the scale.) They’re expecting their first sweet baby in a few months and I’m thrilled to pieces. My night that was going to be spent getting stuff together for my Etsy shop was suddenly re-routed to be much more fun. Aren’t surprises from friends wonderful? And they are more wonderfuller when we all had cheesecake for dessert. Mmmm….. cheesecake…..

In other not really related news…. while searching for a scale image to swipe use, I stumbled upon this.  It’s a scale that doubles as a toilet seat. So, you can weigh yourself every time you go. Or weigh yourself before and after you go.

I’m not sure what’s stranger… this product or the fact that there’s an entire website called…..

The day after I got this cool package from Krista, another awesome package arrived in the mail for me. It was a giveaway I had won from Scott Hansen over at Blue Nickel Studios. I was sooooo pumped to win this giveaway — and aparently my use of the phrase “hep cat” sealed the deal.

In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to talk funny.

Here’s the goods I scored:

Scott, I think hep cats rock. And, you can be King of the Hep Cats for adding this doodle to the packaging. My 2 year old thought it was really awesome.

Look at all of these goodies! The awesome mini gift bag is super cute. I think some of my scraps will become gift bags in the future. And, the bookmark… I put it to use right away.

Love love this. I’m thinking it might become the center of a pillow. Or I’ll just hang it on the wall.

But this…. this is my favorite of all. These two scraps aren’t really meant to go together, but I really like how they look together. Now… to figure out what to make.

Scott, thanks for the infusion to my creativity! Oh, and the fact that you included an actual Blue Nickel…. that was hep, man, real hep.

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