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I love MOPS.

No, I didn’t say I love to mop. I actually hate to mop. But, I love MOPS. The Mothers of Preschoolers group that I belong to has become one of my greatest supportsĀ  & encouragement. Plus, those ladies are ROWDY. I like rowdy people.

As one of the Craft Divas for our group (yes, I had our title officially changed), this week’s meetings are super fabulously important! This Monday we are having an all-craft day. But, not just crafts! We’re working on items that make good gifts. I decided to put together some tutorials so my MOPS buddies and all of y’all can come back and reference them later.

During the entire process I was trying to take pictures, do the craft, and keep Bean from painting the furniture. (Yes, I am crazy. I gave her paints to keep her busy. Because I was painting, so she thought she should.)

Ahem. On to the tutorial!

Here’s your supplies:

*Clear Ornament

*Paint (Acrylic is fabulous, but I used Tempera because I had it on hand… whatever will be fine.)

*Scrapbook letter stickers

Carefully take off the top. Pour in a bit of paint. I’d recommend no more than 3 colors. Otherwise it gets muddy and funky by the end.

Swirlity swirl it around. I like to put in some paint and move it around, then I add more paint and repeat. When there’s paint on about 75% of the insides, I pull out my secret weapon:

Random scrap of foil! Crunch this over the opening and start shaking the ornament. The more you shake, the more the colors will blend. If you want the colors to be more distinct, then don’t shake too much. If you want a huge, muddy mess, then shake the heck out of it. I’d recommend that you just give it a gentle shake until it looks pretty to you.

Slap a sticker on it.

Now, I didn’t take a picture of the next step. I was interrupted by Bean. She wouldn’t wear an old shirt or a smock to paint in, so she was in her skivvies. And she decided her bare belly was a great canvas for her next creation. She interrupted me at this point to show me her creative work. And then Peanut woke up from her nap.

Anyway, turn this over and put it in a small paper cup to drain. Don’t have that? I got a narrow-necked sippy cup and lined it with foil to catch the paint. The point is that you want all of the excess paint to come out.

If you’re using tempera paint like I did, don’t leave it upside down too long. The paint doesn’t stick to the inside as well as acrylic and you may have some bare spots show up. I actually think that looks cool, but you might not.

These make great gifts for neighbors, teachers, Secret Santa, or your Great Aunt Ethel! We made some with the kids (using clear plastic ornaments) and they had a blast.

Now, go make some ornaments for your tree!


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