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Monthly Archives: September 2014

When you’ve got to get clothes for the kids & you have coupons that expire today & your toddler starts hollering, “NO NO! BYE BYE!” the minute you enter the store, what’s a girl to do?

Great moms would have a talk about appropriate behavior, provide their child with an organic wood toy free of poison paint or varnish, and all would be well.

A Good mom asks the cashier to keep her selections while she leaves with her screaming child and buys him cinammon-sugar pretzel bites.

Messy, messy pretzel bites.

That keep him quiet during the rest of the shopping trip.


And then a good mom takes her son to the bathroom, strips him down, washes him from head to toe, and puts some of his new clothes on him.

Y’all, I’m not going to feel guilty if I’m not a great mom. I’ll settle for good. Good is actually more than good enough. We listen to so many voices that tell us that our choices aren’t right. That instead of feeding my hungry and cranky child sugary pretzel bites, I should have had homemade broccoli-kale bites and that my child should have been content with that.

You know what I’m content with?



A blurry selfie of me and my little man on a brief hug-break at the mall playground.

These are the things that are good and wonderful.

So are the leftover pretzel bites that I’m about to put down.

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