A year and one day ago, Raylo & I still couldn’t agree on a name for our son. I had been dealing with lots of pre-term labor & spent most of my time sitting around. I didn’t think I’d make it anywhere near the scheduled c-section date. But, it was getting closer and we still didn’t have a name.

In the middle of the night, Peanut woke us up. After we settled her down & I took yet another pregnant-lady-middle-o-the-night-potty-break, Raylo looked at me and suggested a great option for Little Mister’s name. “I like it. Let’s go for it,” I said.

He must have overheard our conversation.

He must have heard it and said, “Well, I’ll finish this nap, but then I’m out of here. They’ve got a name for me, so I guess it’s time.” The next morning I woke up with real deal labor pains. By the evening, we had our sweet boy.

But, because he was early, he had some trouble breathing. So, he headed off to the NICU.


You’d never know it by the way he’s grown!


He’s been such a joy to us all! The girls play with him and fuss over him constantly. I was certain that his first words would be, “Back off!” But instead, it was “bye bye.” His next two words were their names.


Now he’s crawling and cruising & trying really hard to walk. I’m sure their affection for him will change when he is getting in their stuff!


And now, he’s one. One year of living and being loved. And what better way to celebrate than by eating a lot of cake?


In case you’re wondering if he liked it…?


Happy birthday, Little Mister!!!