Tonight we had a meeting at church with Bill Elliff from The Summit church in North Little Rock. He had some very challenging words on prayer – specifically on praying for revival.

As I’ve seen the way the culture is turning further and further from God and as my kids have gotten older I have been afraid of how we were going to raise them to love God and reject the lies this culture packages so prettily. I’ve wanted to find a parcel of land, build a tall wall, and start a protected commune with only approved living with us. Keep the evil out and hide my children away. But I also know this isn’t reasonable or right. So, I prayed that I know how to train them to be in the world & not of it; to love Jesus above all else.

Tonight I was challenged to make that prayer a distant second to the more important one. Elliff shared the history of great revivals in America, detailing the stories of thousands of people coming to Christ every week. He then spoke of how a revival like this can change the very fabric of a nation. The culture that is so perverse and threatens to swallow the innocence of my children can change. With it, thousands or even millions can live changed lives full of hope.

God has challenged me to pray larger. (And to pray again what seems to man to be praying crazy.) Rather than praying for my children to be protected from this culture, He has challenged me to pray for a revival that will redeem the culture and this country.

One of the hopeful thoughts is this: in Scripture, every single time that Israel collectively humbled themselves & cried out for revival with one voice, God answered. Every. Single. Time. He can bring this change that to us seems crazy and impossible. With man, these things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible. That’s a promise straight from the Bible. (Matthew 19:26 says so.)

I’ve been using a great app called Day One to keep a family diary. I put a picture and a brief story from our day. Later I can print it out for us to see how they’ve grown & changed. I originally wrote this post in that diary, and as I did, I felt very strongly that I needed to publish it here as well. Tonight we also talked tonight about obedience even when we don’t understand. I’m not sure of the purpose in publishing, but I have told Him I’d obey. So, here you go. Maybe it will encourage others to pray for revival and hope. God has promised to answer when we call out to Him. Lets get to calling.