Dear Bloggity Blog Blog,

I remember where I was the first time I heard the term blog. I remember thinking it was a stupid, ugly word. It sounded like a gelatinous, villainous cousin of The Blob. Beware The Blog! He is coming! But, while I was overseas and honestly quite lonely for my friends at home (who must have been lonely for all of my stories and varied piffle), I met you.

For the record, you are neither gelatinous nor villainous.

Across the years I’ve attempted to make you a travelogue, a diary, a newsletter, a craft and quilting record, and a photo cache of my progeny. Recently I had inadvertently become what many aspire to be – and therefore do it well with whole-hearted intent and comfort in their role – I had become a Mommy Blogger.

I’m not dissing the Mommy Bloggers. I value and appreciate the Mommy Bloggers out there. I read some of them. I honor them. And I never cross them. NO ONE crosses the Mommy Bloggers. Perpetual time out or ruin may result.

But I wasn’t comfortable in the role of Mommy Blogger. I don’t want you, dear little wordy outlet, to be all about my children. For one thing, pretty much everything in my life is about these crazy darlings. I’ve chosen to structure my life around their growth and discipleship and I am very content with this role.

I didn’t want to become a Mommy Blogger mostly because my children are becoming old enough to care about what I say and show of them. My sweet Peanut quit dancing and making up songs for awhile because I was transcribing them on Facebook & she was hearing references to her private home performances while out in the world. My Bean knew her photos were being published somewhere and she didn’t want me to take them anymore.

I began to think: sure, they’ll have to get over embarrassing and endearing stories from their infancy, but at what age should their right to privacy become an issue?

This existential crisis of my blogging, the questions of purpose and reason, the impossible intersection of writing about my life that is consumed by children and yet not wanting my blog to be consumed by children, has led to a much-longer-than-expected hiatus.

But I’m back.

And I’m not sure where I’ll head from here.

I know I’ll still post pics of the kidlets because they are too dadgum cute. (It’s actually not fair for me to take them out into public.) And I’ll tell some stories because I’m too dadgum proud of them. But, you are not a blog devoted to the minutiae of their lives.

I won’t turn you into a serious blog. I’m just not a serious person. And there are enough seriously well-written serious blogs out there.

So, I’ll go back to writing piffle.

I guess the most important thing is that I will go back to writing.

Mandi B., the blogger known as mab