I told y’all before that there’s some times I feel like praying crazy. Sometimes God answers with a yes & sometimes with a no. I still pray crazy.

I told y’all I would be praying that Little Mister’s appointment would get moved from the end of May to this week. Thank you to all of you who joined me in praying crazy. This afternoon I received a call that there was a cancellation tomorrow morning. So, the Little Man & I will be headed to the children’s hospital in Memphis tomorrow morning to see a specialist. I am exceedingly grateful for this appointment change!

Thanks so much to everyone who replied with advice, wisdom, & encouragement here & on Facebook. I’ll let y’all all know the update on him tomorrow night.

For now, will you pray crazy again with me? Will you pray that tomorrow we can have all necessary tests run & get the correct diagnosis?

God is certainly big enough to answer any prayer – no matter how crazy!