Some of y’all know that our Little Man has been having a really crappy time lately. I wanted to write here what’s going on because I think it’s the easiest way to tell the most people what’s going on.

Our sweet Little Man has reflux. Since Peanut introduced us to the world of constant spit up and back-arching painful screaming, we recognized it pretty quickly. But, he’s never spit up as much. (Non parents….. hang in there….. I have a point in discussing his spit up……) Instead, it stays in his esophagus & hurts twice as much.

He’s been on medication to control the acid & it’s worked pretty well for several months. But, the last two weeks have been different. He’s cried in tremendous pain and his back-arching has increased. He has these spells all through the day and night — which means that there is no sleep in the house. I knew something was wrong, so we went to the doc. He put him on a second reflux med — but it barely helped. Then, he added another med that prevents stomach spasms. It also makes him super sleepy, and I don’t like that. (Well, I like that at night because now he only wakes up twice instead of four or five times.)

The next step was an ultrasound of his kidneys & bladder. (There’s a family history of congenital kidney issues.) Those came up negative. I never have had such trouble figuring out what to pray before. I wanted to pray that the scan would show that nothing was wrong because I didn’t want anything to be wrong with his kidneys. But, if nothing was wrong with his kidneys, then that meant that something else was wrong that was causing such pain. So, should I pray that the scan showed nothing (meaning that we’d have to visit more doctors & look for another solution) or should I pray that the scan showed something (meaning that there was something wrong with his kidneys). It was a conundrum. I ended up just praying “God, please help & fix this. Thanks.”

But now I’m praying differently. Since his kidneys and bladder were fine, we’ve now been referred to a GI specialist. But, we can’t get in until late May. So, until then, I’ve got a baby in pain who can only sleep sitting up in his bouncy chair. To make room for this bouncy chair propped up in our bed and surrounded by pillows, Raylo has been regulated to the couch. No one gets much sleep. And, if my wonderful Mother In Law hadn’t been here, I don’t know how we would have made it this last week. (I’m planning on stealing the sparkplugs from her car so she can’t leave us….)

So, here’s the new prayer: I’m praying for either the children’s hospital in Memphis or in Little Rock to have an earlier appointment come available. Would you pray that with me? Also, any advice is welcome. (I personally think he’s got esophageal ulcers…. because a few Google searches have made me brilliant like that….) We’re already doing all of the typical reflux-control things and I’m nursing, so it’s not a formula issue. I’ve also significantly changed my diet (no caffeine, no milk) to help him. So, what else is there? I can do without sleep for awhile if it helps my sweet boy. Just as long as none of y’all expect me to communicate intelligently when you see me…..

Praying folks, please also pray for his comfort and for us to trust God in this. My tendency is to think of all of the horrible things that could maybe possibly be wrong. (Due to those Google searches, no doubt.)

I’ll update everyone when I can. Thanks.