I’m still here, holding my ever-growing Little Mister, surrounded by a mountain of laundry & chaos. I hate that all I post about lately is the kiddies. But, by choice I have made them my life. 🙂

Here’s some pics for everyone…


This is me with my progeny at my Bubbie’s wedding. Super fun time!


The girls were flower girls. I always wanted to be a flower girl. I am secretly jealous.


We rode a plane to get to Chicago for the wedding. First time for Little Mister, but also the first time for the girls in years. They don’t remember their previous flights. But I do. Yes, I remember the international flight with an 8 month old Bean when she refused to sleep…. That 36 hour time period still ranks in the top 5 most miserable experiences of my life….


We also rode the subway. This trip was quite an eye-opener for my kids who are used to this small Southern town.

In other news, we’ve really been enjoying the History Channel’s miniseries on The Bible. Today at Walmart I saw an ad for the DVD set. You can buy it now before the last episode is shown. The tag line: “buy it now and find out what happens next!” Um, you know, this true story has been around for 2000 years. I don’t think we need the DVD to tell us what happens next! Ha! But I am looking forward to watching it tomorrow night.

I hope your Easter is blessed!