Today the girls set up a tent in the living room while I watched tv & folded laundry and Little Mister played on the floor. I heard them whispering: “Don’t let her see us! We’re spies and we have to see what she’s doing!”

At that point Bean began dictating all of our actions while Peanut wrote them down.

“She’s folding a towel!”
“Little Mister is playing with his puppy toy!”
“Now she’s changing the tv channel!”
“And folding a blanket!”
“LM is laughing and sucking his paci!”

The excitement continued for quite some time.

Here’s the thing: Bean delegated the task of writing to the kid who can’t write all of the letters of the alphabet yet.

Instead, she filled several pages of paper with lines. Then Bean asked me to staple the pages into a book.

Tonight I walked by the kids’ shelves that we call the library. What book was included? Their book. It must be quite a thrilling read.

Who knew laundry, daytime reruns, and a baby playing could be so fascinating?