At the beginning of the month I was sick. This is no surprise because I get sick every Christmas. Last year: the sinus infection from Hades. The year before: strep throat that must have come from Mordor. The year before that was a real doozy – the antibiotics for my illness that year caused an allergic reaction and I swelled up and broke out in polka dots. Needless to say, there are NO pictures of me from that year.

I finally got well (due in part to the Marvelous Mimi who came to take care of the kids so I could sleep), but then Raylo got sick. This past Wednesday I already told you about- both girls had their turn at the doc. Now, Little Mister has joined the ranks of the ill and recovering. He has his first fever and I hate it.

I am grateful to Raylo for sitting in his chair all day and holding his sweet son. That’s the only thing that made our boy happy and he’s done it tirelessly. Well, almost tirelessly…..


I am going now to preemptively make my doctor’s appointment for next December. I wonder what illnesses that holiday will bring…