Tonight Raylo and I made it to the opening of The Hobbit. 11 years ago we were at opening night for LOTR 1. And the same for 2 & 3. Quite a bit has changed in that time.

Obvious changes: we didn’t have kids, we had more free time and more disposable income. We were both quite a bit thinner. I would spend time getting ready for a date with my new hubby. Now I change my spit up-covered shirt and call it good.

There’s other changes that aren’t as readily seen: I didn’t have a cell phone. Ray Ray had just gotten a swell Nokia. But now I’m writing this post on my brand new iPhone. We thought we were so grown up, but we had not been through masters degrees 1 & 2, several big job changes, moving overseas, heartbreak, pregnancy, babies, illness, 4 cars, and 2 minivans. We are completely different people now.

And yet, through all of the mountains and valleys, I wouldn’t trade those times in. Nor would I trade in the one I’ve travelled with. I am exceedingly grateful for my husband. Life sure is different now, but with him it is always better.