Last night I realized that Peanut was going to need to go to the doc this morning. She has the funky crud that started with me, went to Raylo, and has now inhabited her lungs and nose. So, this morning we got Bean off to school & then quickly got Peanut dressed to make it in time for walk-in sick call. We rushed there, saw the doc, got the diagnosis, went to the pharmacy, and came home.

After we picked Bean up from school, she began complaining of the same things. So, I called the doc’s office to get in for the afternoon. “We have one appointment left & it’s in 10 minutes. Can you make it?” they said. I live 15 minutes away. I told them I’d be 5 minutes late, but I’d be there. I hollered for Bean to put on her shoes & come right away. We rushed there, saw the exact same doc (out of 15) in the exact same room, got the exact same diagnosis, went to the exact same pharmacy, and came back to the exact same home.

As I went through this process, I kept thinking: Didn’t I already do this today? Then I just laughed. So did the staff at the doc’s office after they looked at me with a puzzled expression & said “Didn’t you already come today?” The doc walked in and also did a double-take. Then, he said “Wait…. didn’t I already see you today?”

I’m spreading deja vu all over the place.

The good news is that neither girl is terribly ill. We caught it early. The better news: they have some super-powerful medicine that will ensure that all of us get a good night’s sleep. Well, unless Little Mister decides he’s hungry at 3 a.m.