Tonight we went to the Fun Festival at our church. I was accompanied by the following characters:

If you asked Bean what she was for Halloween, she replied that she was a Butterfly Princess Fairy. That seems to be a theme for little girl costumes. They can be a princess, a fairy, or a combination of the two with any other flavor thrown in. Ballerina princess? Sure! Ladybug fairy? Why not? Tonight I even saw a princess riding a unicorn. The ultimate Halloween costume for the under-8 female demographic would probably be a Ballerina Butterfly Bluebird Fairy Princess Unicorn Sparkle Pony. (I so need to trademark that idea…)

By the way, this pic is out of focus because she was just too stinkin’ excited to stay still. She was bouncing & wiggling so much that a non-blurry photo was impossible.

We also were accompanied by a Beautiful Dancer. That’s how Peanut described herself. We arrived at the festival at 6:15. We left at 7:45. From 6:30 until 7:30 this Beautiful Dancer and her sister were in the bouncy house. They wouldn’t leave to play the games and get the candy. That means that they came home with only about 10 pieces of candy each. And barely any chocolate!

On one hand, this is a good thing. They won’t eat candy until they get sick. We won’t have candy hanging around our house for weeks. But, on the other hand, this is very bad. I can’t exactly sneak any pieces of their candy when there are so few! Besides, there is barely any chocolate!

Our trio was rounded out by the cutest kid out there (if I do say so myself)…. Folks, say hello to Uncle Si:

As y’all can tell from my previous posts, I’m quite a fan of Duck Dynasty. Si and Jase are our faves around here. So, when Britty suggested that our Little Mister should be Uncle Si, I decided that this idea was brilliant. He had a beard attached to his paci, sideburns/long hair attached to his hat, camo clothes (and a camo blanket), duck toys all around him, and the ever-present plastic cup.

Just a little bit before leaving, I still hadn’t figured out how to make glasses for him. Pipe cleaners wouldn’t work — they could poke him. I didn’t know how to get felt glasses to stay on him. Then, I realized that the key was in my bathroom vanity all along….

Raylo,  I must confess something. I put makeup on your son. That’s brown eyeliner on our sweet boy. Yes, I dressed him up and put makeup on him. And a wig. But, there was also copious amounts of camo and a beard. So, that should man up the outfit enough.

Did you  go trick or treating or to a festival? What costumes did you wear? I need ideas in case I can’t find a Ballerina Butterfly Bluebirnd Fairy Princess Unicorn Sparkle Pony costume next year….