Our little Mister is here!

He was born at 37 weeks exactly. That was my goal during the past few weeks of premature labor. So, when the contractions started with a vengeance this past Saturday morning, I knew it was the day. He was 7 pounds even and 19.5 inches long. And we are tickled to have him here!

Bean just loves our little guy. Tonight she couldn’t go to sleep until she came back to check on him just one more time. They didn’t get to meet him right away because he spent 2 days in the NICU. His lungs weren’t ready to breathe well on his own. He was also having difficulty keeping his body temp up and they were concerned that he had an infection.

After 2 days of great care & lots of tests, he is breathing well and there were no signs of infection at all. (phew!) We finally got him in the room with us and he got to meet his sisters.

Now we are home and settling in to life as a family of 5. We are incredibly, incredibly blessed to have both Grannie & Mimi here with us to help out. I seriously don’t know how we would function without these two amazing ladies!

Now Little Mister has to adjust to a life with two very noisy and active big sisters. They alternate between running around the house playing and coming over to check him out. Peanut has to stop her games every few minutes to pat him. I’m beginning to think that he’s not actually sleeping. He’s just pretending so they’ll leave him alone.

We are all sooooo in love with this kid!