Her future’s so bright, she needs shades, but we didn’t have any that would match her outfit, so here’s a squinty picture of our precious Beanie on her first day of Kindergarten!


She has a great teacher — very kind and encouraging. Just the personality that our tender-hearted girl needs. And, she has both a LaLa Loopsy backpack & lunchbox. Now THAT’S something to smile about!

So far, she’s having a great time in kindergarten! The sweetest thing, though, is when she gets home.

On the first day, she came in & Peanut ran up to her. They embraced and Bean said “Oh, Peanut! I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” Peanut said “I missed you, Sissie! Let’s play!” Today in the carpool line, this was repeated. We picked up Beanie & they had to embrace before we could get Bean in the car & buckled up. You’d think they’ve been away from each other for weeks instead of hours. It’s actually really sweet. When I found out Peanut was going to be a girl, I started praying that they’d be good friends. Looks like my prayers are being answered. 🙂