While Britty was here, we had a mini belly photo shoot. The photo shoot was mini, the belly was not. Yes, my lovelies, Gigantor has returned.

When I got pregnant, I told my friends here that I would get huge — I did with both of my girls. But, this time it’s been such an odd pregnancy. I haven’t gained nearly the weight I did with the others, I can’t eat (but before I could eat and eat and eat), and for the longest time my belly was pretty small.

Not anymore.

I am really excited that I’ve made it to 35 weeks. I’ve breathed several sighs of relief. I’m now just trying to make it until Bean finishes her first week of school. That starts Monday. So, any time after next weekend, I’ll be ready.

But, we still need to find a name for this kid. Otherwise, he’ll end up being named Tater Tot, Brother, or simply Boy.

Here’s a question for y’all: One name we’re considering sounds better if we put the name we’ll call him in the middle. For example, instead of naming him Jimmy Earl and calling him Jimmy, we’d name him Jimmy Earl and call him Earl. (But we’re not actually thinking of Jimmy or Earl…. sorry to the lovely Jimmys and Earls we know out there.) Do you go by your middle name? Does someone in your family go by his/her middle name? What kind of experience have you/him/her had? Just wondering…..