We just had a great week with the Hoodlums. Britty, Tito, Ebo, & Omie came and Bean & Peanut were beside themselves with glee. I’ve always known that Britty possessed super powers of friendship, but I didn’t know that she also possessed super powers of child-care, cooking, laundry-washing, and general super-awesomeness. One morning, she snuck in my room, shut off the baby monitors so I wouldn’t hear anything, and took all 4 kids to the park. That’s right. Super Britty took a 2 year old, a 3 year old, a 4 year old, and a 5 year old by herself to the park. And they had a blast.

Bean loves loves Ebo. And I want him to move in. Not only is he a sweet boy who is kind and very obedient, but all of that rubs off on my girls as well. Bean even eats better. We’d put a plate of a new kind of food in front of her. Normally she’d adamantly refuse. But, instead, she’d watch him eating and she’d decide that the formerly nasty, icky food was suddenly delicious. She’d even ask for seconds!

I love Peanut’s determined face in this one. She and Omie had a good time — except when one of them wanted the other’s toy. Typical 2 & 3 year old power struggles.

Isn’t Omie just adorable? I love this kid!


I’m now posting these precious pictures of my kiddies in hopes that Super Britty will decide to come back and see us again pronto! We love the Hoodlums!