A few months ago, Bean started telling us what she wanted to do for her birthday party. She said she wanted to have lots of swimming pools and water and cupcakes and fruit.

Sounded good to me!

So, we borrowed a pool (bringing our pool numbers up to 2), got a slip & slide, put out the water table, and turned on the sprinklers. We put out lots of playground balls & toys. We looked up and realized that we had created a Redneck Water Park.

The funny thing about that Slip & Slide — none of the kids knew how to use it. We kept describing what they should do, but they’d either jump on it, slide on their knees, or just splash around. I was about to show them how to slip on said slide, but then I realized that the beach ball-sized baby bump on my front would render that impossible.

The kids all loved it.

But, I didn’t think about one thing. Beanie’s birthday is in late June. It’s hot in late June. In fact, it was a record high that day and well over 100 degrees by 10 a.m. when the party started.

Here’s what I’ve been wondering….. do kids just not notice the heat? Other than asking for lots of lemonade, they didn’t seem fazed. On the other hand, all of the adults were hiding out under any shade we could find & sitting by the fans that Raylo had brought out for us. I don’t remember being bothered with summertime as a kid. Is it that we’ve grown wimpy as we’ve grown up or that kids are just having too much fun to notice?

Bean was certainly having too much fun to notice….

So, Beanie also wanted cupcakes, right? I was going to make some from scratch, but that really wasn’t realistic at this point. So, I found this recipe where you can take a box mix and add some stuff to make it taste homemadeish. I needed more cupcakes than 1 box mix would make, so I doubled the batch. Two vanilla cake mixes, two vanilla Dream Whip packets, and 2 boxes of vanilla pudding went into the bowl. But, as I added the eggs and oil and stuff, something was just not right. It didn’t smell very vanilla anymore. It smelled like…. bananas.

I used to love bananas. In fact, when I was first pregnant with Beanie, one thing I could eat were cold bananas. But, one day I went to eat a banana & the thought of it made me positively ill. That was over 5 years ago & I think I’ve eaten half a banana since then. I don’t like the smell of them or the taste of them anymore whatsoever.

Here I was, with a mixing bowl tip-top full of banana-scented batter and I couldn’t figure it out at all. So, I started checking my ingredients. Yes, the cake mixes were vanilla. Dream Whip only comes in vanilla. And then, I realized that both the vanilla and banana-flavored pudding were in yellow boxes. One of the two boxes was the culprit. And that one dastardly little box of pudding had made the entire batch a banana disaster.

I went ahead and made homemade frosting — partly so I wouldn’t have to go to the store to buy the canned stuff I forgot & partly to try to hide the banana-ridden cake. It didn’t work.

Peanut started the revolt by loudly announcing that she did NOT like the cupcakes. When the kids finished their snack, all of the fruit was gone, but at least half of the cupcakes had only one bite taken out of them. Can you say cupcake FAIL?

Next time, I”ll be double-checking those dad-gum pudding boxes!