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Daily Archives: July 3, 2012

Maternity pants are stretchy. This will become an important point later in my blog post.

Peanut has always been clingy. She wants hugs and wants to be touching me all. the. time. It’s grown worse as my belly has expanded. Here’s the trouble: she usually clings to my pants or my pockets. When I wear regular pants with a regular belt, this is not any trouble.

But, when I walk through the aisles of Wal-Mart and she pulls on my maternity pants pockets…. well, let’s just say there’s slippage. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that maternity shirts are long. Or I would be banned from The Wal-Marts.

A few weeks ago we were at Firehouse Subs. She yanked my pants down quite low. I grabbed them before they went below the hemline of my shirt. Then, I told her she had to quit pulling on me. Her response: she grabbed the neckline of my shirt and pulled it down almost to my bellybutton. So, in avoiding losing my pants, I lost my shirt…..

I am surprised that I am still allowed in Firehouse Subs.

Today I met two friends & their daughters at Chick-fil-A. The nice refill lady there got me a brand new large tea. I immediately set it down on an uneven surface and it spilled everywhere. We helped clean it up & then moved to another table where we could see our kids in the playground area better. Immediately we knocked a chair full of bags onto the nice lady at the table next to us.

At least my pants didn’t fall down in there.

I am becoming a menace to society.



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