When we moved into this house, there was a fabulous, fabulous space for my office. I was thrilled! But, as I unpacked my boxes full of crafty crap (or crapft), I realized I have waaaaay too much. So, I’ve decided to get rid of some of my stash — or destash. All of the items have been listed in my Etsy shop.

My shop, Ruby’s Retro City, usually was filled with vintage fabric & housewares. But, until I get more of the office cleaned out, I can’t even unpack all of my supplies. I’ve got over 200 yards of vintage fabric that’s just waiting for me to get it back out & relist it!

So, help me clean out the office & also get yourself a great deal on some arts & craft supplies. And, if you use the code DESTASH, then you can have an additional 15% off.

I’ll be listing additional items regularly until it’s all cleaned out. Fabric, beading supplies, stamping, scrapbooking….. it’s gotta go!