My girls tend to be pretty shy around people — even people they’ve known for awhile. In fact, Peanut didn’t speak more than one or two words to her beloved teacher for 6 months. But at home, they are rather different. Full of stories and words! Lately at mealtimes Peanut will look at us and say “I have a story for you. Ok, everyone listen!” And she launches into some tale. Today I grabbed the camera & asked them to tell me stories. The first story Peanut told was actually pretty calm. I could tell she still felt shy. Then, Bean told a story. Well, that got Peanut revved up. She got animated and I finally got the real deal on film. The only tragedy is that the memory card filled up before we could hear the end of the story.

Now, this video will probably only interest family and a few other mamas out there. I won’t be offended if you click on to another page if you aren’t interested in stories from preschoolers. And, you can only watch it if you don’t comment on the piles of laundry in the background, the messy kitchen, the toys everywhere, the peanut-butter smeared faces of my children, and their unkempt hair. It was the Saturday after we got back from a long trip. Wait, that’s just an excuse. It’s the house where 2 preschoolers live & we live in it. There’s my disclaimer. Now onto the stories!