Today Bean went to Sunday School. Now, they learn all kinds of great things in Sunday School. They learn about Jesus, about Noah’s Ark, about Palm Sunday, about David & Goliath, and about how to cut out hearts from construction paper. She mostly remembers that last lesson. But, today’s lesson trumped them all in memorability. Their teacher explained about April Fool’s Day. She questioned me some more as we walked to the car after church.

Bean: “Mama, my teacher says today is a joke day. What’s that mean?”

mab: “Well, Beanie, it’s a day called April Fool’s Day where you try to trick people, but you want to play nice tricks, not mean ones. It’s supposed to be funny.” (This was to preempt her beating down her sister and then yelling “I tricked you! April Fool’s!)

Bean: “Yeah, our teacher said that it was a funny joke day like telling you ‘AAAH! THERE’S A SPIDER ON THE WALL!'”

mab: “Well, that’s right.” (On a 4 year-old level, I’m thinking this is as complicated as April Fool’s jokes go.)

After this exchange, I didn’t realize that further education was necessary. Until I heard her try out an April Fool’s joke…. Bean said “AAAAH!  THERE’S A SPIDER ON THE WALL! Nah, APRIL’S HAM!”

April’s Ham?

So, the rest of the day, Bean would holler “AAAH! THERE’S A SPIDER ON THE WALL! April’s Ham!” or “AAAH! THERE’S A SPIDER IN YOUR HAIR! April’s Ham!”

Later, the kids were outside playing with Raylo and Peanut told Bean she had to do something or she wouldn’t play with her anymore. “DAAAAD!” yelled Bean, “she’s giving me an ultomato!”

I love these kids.

I was actually very sad that April Fool’s Day came on a Sunday this year. If it had been during the week, I was going to call my mom & make up some story about having to go into the doc for some strange symptom & they did an ultrasound. Then, I’d send her e-mail a picture I ganked off the web of a triplet ultrasound. But who would believe that on a Sunday? Dangit. I’ll have to save that for another year. Except that I just told all of y’all (including my Mama) about my plan. Double Dangit.