Last year I wanted to read 15 books. But, I opened a few boxes of books from storage & decided to reread almost all of my fave Dorothy L. Sayers mysteries, and I got on a bit of a reading kick. So, I actually got to 29 books. You can see my list here. Now, some of those books were short and I finished them in a day or two. And, quite a few of them were read over the holidays. I was glad to get back in the habit of reading more.

So, this year, I feel like I have to set a high goal for myself. I’m going to read 25 books. Raylo got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, so he gave me his old Kindle. It’s been nice reading several old, free classics that they have on there. Because, you know, I’m too cheap to buy all of those books. I’m also too cheap to pay for Amazon Prime, which is required to borrow books from other people. I also have decided that my girls are just going to have to handle me going to pick out a book or two when we go to the library. I put up with them choosing piles of books and playing computers and messing with the trains and playing with puzzles and watching the aquarium and listening to story time — they can chill for 10 minutes while I pick out two dadgum books. Anyway, the library lets me pick them online & have them ready when I arrive. If I could just remember ahead of time to arrange that…..

Up next is a book by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward called Heads you Lose. I’m a huge fan of Lisa Lutz’s work & was very excited to finally locate this in the library. Silly me, I’ve been looking for months in the mystery section. Because, you know, she’s a mystery writer. And it’s a mystery book. But, nope. It was in fiction. Which, I guess it is as well.

Anyway…. do you have any reading goals for the year? Any book suggestions?