The other day I was watching What Not to Wear while folding a massive amount of laundry. Bean walked in at the beginning where they were confronting the bad dresser. She looked at the lady wearing unfashionable clothes and said “Mama! You have that shirt! That lady looks like you.”

Stacy & Clinton, if you are reading this, I’m ready for my $5,000 makeover. If my 4 year old recognizes my poor fashion choices, then they must be pretty terrible. Then again, she dresses more like Fancy Nancy than a fashionista.

Yesterday we had a day where we all just stayed at home and hung out. We painted, we played games, we watched My Little Pony. Raylo was just thrilled with that, you know. At one point Peanut put in an annoying kids CD. Then, she started dancing around the room to the song We All Dance in a Circle. “Dance with me, Daddy!” she said. So, Raylo got up and began dancing around in the circle. She stopped, looked at him, and said, “No, you can sit down.”

Bad dressing & bad dancing followed by insults from preschoolers. That’s what you’ll find here.