To help earn the funds for my upcoming trip to Haiti, I’ve opened a new Etsy shop called Finchley Lane. In it are some items I had made for various craft fairs in New Orleans. Since I haven’t found a craft fair yet here, I figured it would be a good time to sell those items & save the cash-o-la for my trip. So, from now until I leave, 100% of the profits from all sales go directly to pay for my trip.

What am I selling? Here’s a few pics….

These Wristlet Keychains are the bomb. I’m not really sure how I lived without mine. Seriously. If you don’t buy one from me, that’s fine. But, if you ever have to tote a whole mess of groceries, kids stuff, babies, or just junk and still need to keep your keys handy, then these are the ticket. Buy one from somewhere. They will help keep you sane. Or, in my case, they will inch you closer towards sanity.

I have several fabric flower pins and clips. Some are single flowers and some are in bunches. This one is my fave right now. I thought about just keeping it. But then I realized that I won’t exactly pay for my airfare if I keep all of the stuff I make and only sell the orange ones. So, I’ll keep it in the shop. *sigh* Being responsible and stuff isn’t always as much fun. Wait. I own all of that fabric. I can just make another one for myself. Woooo!

Today if the lighting is still good, I’ll photograph the tote bags and a few zipper bags that I have and get them added to the shop.

Oh, and local peeps: I offer free delivery for you! I mean, why pay shipping charges if I can just meet you at our church, at the library, or at Chick-fil-A? Sorry, I don’t meet people for deliveries in dark alleys, the Wal-Mart parking lot, or inside Red Lobster. Unless you’re buying my dinner at Red Lobster. Then I’ll deliver there for sure. Anyway, you can read how to get this amazing once-in-a-lifetime special offer in any of the item listings or in my shop policies section.

*end new Etsy shop plug* Thankyouverymuch!